…and for my 3rd post of the day…

Ian got his retainer this afternoon.  He had been measured for it last appointment and today they fitted it to his teeth. He has to wear it 24h a day (except for contact sports, eating, and brushing) until August 10th when we go back to the orthodontist.


Grade 4 Movie Day

Today was the grade 4’s end-of-year extravaganza.  They all went downtown to the Globe Cinema to watch Hugo. I was a volunteer chaperone-crowd control. We all piled onto 2 school buses and headed downtown to the cinema.  I’d forgotten how loud a school bus can get.  😣 We got downtown around 9.40 where the “paparazzi” was waiting to take their pictures as they entered the cinema and were in our seats by 10.  Everyone got a small bag of popcorn, a pop, a chocolate bar, and a pack of Twizzlers to munch on during the show.  (Thank you to Tuscany Sobey’s for the snacks.)

The Globe is an older cinema without huge screens, but it was comfortable and pleasant.  They also have $5 Tuesdays with a cheap drink/popcorn combo.  It might be something we can do as a family one eve.

We were back on the bus by 12.15 and back at school for 12.50.  It was a good time had by all.

Spring in Calgary

Yesterday was a surprise. A storm system washed through the area and we had almost every possible kind of weather from sun and clouds to blizzards with thunder. I know the weather here is unpredictable and changes rapidly, but this was ridiculous. 😀

Expander and Braces Are off

This is the day Ian has been looking forward to for six months. This morning he had his braces and expander removed. It was a quick examination by Dr. Antosz then the hardware came off. Next he had to have his mouth molded for the retainer. This almost ended up with him throwing up thanks to his gag reflex going into overdrive.
After the ordeal he was given a balloon and then was walked into a room full of candy bins. He got to choose a bagful of loose candies.
We go back to the orthodontist on Thursday to get the retainer fitted.

Summer Crabbing, Having some fuuuuuunn :)

Haven’t posted for a while. Been enjoying the lovely sun and family time. Yesterday we decided to get up early and try crabbing for the first time. Tristan being the expert but all the rest of us were newbies.

Setting up the traps with chicken legs and leftover bits of salmon

Waiting for the pots to soak and lure in the crabs

Our first victim…..a really tiny spider crab. Threw him back and the seaweed. Not deterred we’ll throw the pot in again. Tides are coming in and bringing the crabs at the same time.

That’s better!

Kids with their trophies!

Now that’s a nice sight. Had dad over for dinner to enjoy crab claws, steak, caesar salad, potato salad and dessert brought by dad. Ended in a water fight between Bri, Zach, Tristan and me 😛

Calaway Park Victoria Day

The weather actually cooperated for the May long weekend! I had my MEC ride and a Bow Cyclists ride, and on the Monday we headed to Calaway Park. We got there for opening, and it’s a good thing we did.

The whole family

It was warm, but not oppressive. The crowds weren’t bad, but were building. We got onto a few rides right away. Ian was finally big enough to go on the Storm, a high-speed ride that actually makes you go upside down. He’d been waiting for that for four years, but I think the experience was a little overwhelming. We did that, and then we did the roller coaster, and then he was done. That was okay, because we also wanted to go to Marlborough Mall where we visited a bookstore and had lunch at Smitty’s. But when we were leaving, we were amazed by how full the parking lot was, and then the huge backup of traffic out and onto the highway. It was causing a traffic jam on the Trans-Canada. I’m glad we weren’t stuck in that.

Gas, brake, honk. Gas, brake, honk. Honk, honk, punch. Gas, gas, gas.

iPad Drawing

One of my birthday gifts this year was an Apple Pencil. It is a pressure-sensitive, angle-sensitive stylus that works with the iPad Pro. I wanted to get one, but they are expensive. There were two reasons I wanted one:

  1. For taking handwritten notes at work (easy to interleave notes and sketches in OneNote)
  2. For drawing and sketching.

I had tried both of these with a “dumb” stylus with my old iPad 4 and I wasn’t happy with the results. Last night, I was relaxing on the couch and I decided I would experiment with the Pencil in Apple’s Notes app. Notes is a simple app, but it has native support for the Pencil. I happened to be staring at the lamp, so I drew that.

The lamp

It’s not great art, but I’m pretty happy with the result. I like it when I make time for art. I love my pastels, but it’s easier to start sketching on the iPad and makes less mess. 🙂

Happy Birthday #44 Simon!

Today the kids and I got up early (that’s 6.00 for us) and headed downstairs with Simon’s gifts. 🎁

Today will be, as Simon put it, a gong show because the timing of events. Simon had to be out the door early to go to a User’s Conference. It’s also cycling club night (if the weather cooperates) and I work from 6.30-9.00. The only chance we had to be all together was at breakfast. He may also be going out to supper after the conference if the weather is bad and he decides not to go cycling.
I’m making him a tide-him-over birthday sweet which he’ll enjoy when he gets home. 🎂 There will also be some chicken caesar salad in pitas if he doesn’t go out to supper.
It’s not an ideal birthday, but we’ll make it up to him on Saturday evening.
We love you. Hope you have a happy birthday today. 💖🥃

Simon with his new cycling socks

Happy Mother’s Day, Tammy

It wasn’t your Hallmark Mother’s Day around here. I was up a bit after six, and Tammy was up by 7:30, and getting ready for a bike ride. Cards and some small tokens of our love at breakfast, and then I was shuttling her to Butterfield Acres so that she could go for a bike ride with Mary and Allie. Then I was back home and heading out the door for the Bow Cyclists ride.

It was a nicer-looking day than it felt. It was one of those perfect skies, but a brisk six degrees.

Bow Cyclist Club, with Rocky Mountains

Tammy and Mary turned back earlier than planned because Tammy was cold and Mary was freezing.

We had a quiet afternoon after a late lunch and then Skyped with Colin and Carol, who are back on Pender Island. Then I was out the door to forage for dinner supplies. Here’s how it looked:

Dinner is served: Strawberries, grapes, Elderflower cider, veggie sticks and sweet mixed pickles, gouda, cranberry goat cheese, sun dried tomato havarti, French dry sausage with parmesan, swiss, black truffle monterey jack, baguette, cognac paté, and Melba toast.

We made the kids try all of it. 😈

I don’t think our qualifies as typical in any way… but it’s our family.