A Little Too Close

Last night on our way to Bow Cycle we were passed by a couple of screaming fire trucks going into Tuscany. The kids watched them go by then blurted out something about a lot of smoke in the sky behind us. We weren’t in the best position to see where it was coming from, but it looked like over near the Tuscany train station.

The smoke was thick and, thanks to the huge winds, blowing around like nobody’s business. I still couldn’t really gawk while I was driving, but Simon was tempted to stay home and keep watch because of how close it was to us. Once he saw the fire trucks and the direction the winds were blowing he decided to carry on to Bow Cycle as planned.

It turned out the fire was in the grass between Stoney Trail and the bike path. No news yet on the cause, but likely a smoker flicked a butt into the dry grass. Part of Stoney Trail and the Link into Tuscany was closed and traffic diverted via Crowchild. We must’ve gotten through the intersection not long before they closed it. It reopened not long after.

New Addition to the family…

Introducing Angus! Or Gus-Gus for now until he needs the more adult-ish name 🙂

He is a Mainecoon X so might get pretty big. He’s a decent mix of his parents so don’t really know for now. Holy energy Batman!! He is all over the place and climbs without fear. Nothing like what Twinkie was when she was young. Twinkie was pretty hissy to start but this morning she was ok with him. Especially they played “whack a mole” in one of the cat trees which Twinkie enjoyed thoroughly (go figure….beat up the new kid on the block and not get in trouble 😀 )

See look he actually sleeps!! Was starting to wonder if I should be looking to see where I can take the batteries out

45 Today

Simon is 45 today.

The plans are a bit up in the air because the weather can be fickle. It’s the BCC Ladies’ Ride tonight and so he and Ian usually go for one at the same time. Unfortunately the weather is uncooperative and we’re not sure what’s going to happen, so that really affects the cake and dinner plans.

We were up early because I had a dental appointment at 8. The kids finally straggled down after I blasted “Come On Get Happy” by the Partridge Family through the Apple TV upstairs. He managed to open his presents during breakfast:

  • a bike pedal wrench
  • a BCC vest
  • a pair of BCC arm warmers and leg warmers
  • a bottle of bourbon


Well the ride was called off.  Now we have to make up for it with a ride on the trainer. On the up side he can have his cake today and eat it too.  😜   We had a fry up of sorts- scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, tomatoes, and mushrooms for supper.  Then we had the German chocolate cake.

Happy Birthday Simon! ❤

Quebec Trip

As you probably already know I have been in Quebec for the past 8 days. The trip was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the programs the teachers chose. So, I shall now give you a day by day summary of what happened.

Day 1 – Plane & Bowling

We didn’t do much on the first day in Montréal since we landed fairly late. One highlight of that day was the fact that my ears still hadn’t popped by the time we were at the restaurant for supper (Supper was a buffet). When dinner was over we walked a few blocks to a recreational building where we went bowling. After coming in second place, even though I got mostly gutter balls, we got on the bus and drove to our first hotel. It wasn’t much to look at. The colours and design kind of reminded me of a mental institution or a hospital. The shower had really low water pressure too. My roommates for the trip were were Adrian, Catalina, and Lauren. Aside from that, and the fact that my ears still hadn’t popped by the time I fell asleep, it was a fun evening.

Fluffy Clouds

Roommates + One in our hotel. (The boy was not assigned to our room)

Day 2 – Info & Views

First thing the next morning we had a complimentary breakfast at around 8 in the morning.

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Update from Montreal

Due to accidents and traffic on the highway, the group missed their original flight. TMC issued the following email:


Students will be delayed in their return from Montreal tonight.  There were two accidents on the highway getting to the Montreal airport this evening and despite their plan to have more than  two hours to spare, our group did not make it on their originally scheduled flight out of Montreal.  

Adjustments were quickly made to the return flight to Calgary.  Students were broken into two groups and will be on two different  flights from Montreal to Toronto, both leaving Montreal at approximately 8 pm local time and arriving in Toronto at 9:25 pm local time.  One group is with Mr. Brayton and Ms. Walsh and the other group is with Ms. Coles and Ms. Hierons.  They will regroup in Toronto and will all travel from Toronto to Calgary on Westjet Flight 675.  This flight is expected to arrive in Calgary at 12:25 am.  

You will receive a phone call from one of the TMC staff shortly confirming that you have received this message.

(Bad news which gets worse – due to the tight rescheduling they may not get a chance to grab supper and, of course, no kid has a credit card to buy something in flight.)

12:25 am!   Her first experience on a red eye flight. 😄  Now Simon and I have to flip a coin to see who goes and gets her. 🎲

Updated Saturday morning by Simon

Miranda is still in Montreal. The storm that blew through southern Ontario cancelled flights and she and her group stayed in Laval last night and will be flying back to Calgary sometime today. We still don’t have the official flight information.

The group will be staying at a hotel in Laval, Quebec tonight so you do not need to go to the Calgary airport tonight.

The tour company has arranged for a bus to pick up the group at the Montreal airport and take them to the hotel.  They are still working on flight arrangements for tomorrow.  We will know more in the next couple of hours about the flight arrangements home.  When I know more, I will send out another message like this, either later this evening or  tomorrow morning.

The teachers will ensure that the students have the money that they need for food and other incidentals.

Updated again by Simon

We now know what Miranda’s travel arrangements look like, and she will be home two days later than expected.

Good morning!

Thanks for your patience as the TMC staff worked to get the flights home sorted out.  They will be staying one more night in Montreal!  They are staying at the same hotel as last night, St. Martin in Laval.  They had breakfast in the hotel and the teachers have sorted out activities for today.  The plan is to have pizza for lunch and they have dinner reservations.

As there is not one flight tomorrow that can accommodate the whole group, the students and staff will be coming home in two groups tomorrow.  Both Westjet flights are direct from Montreal to Calgary.  One flight leaves Montreal at 12:45 pm tomorrow (Sunday) and the other leaves Montreal at 6pm tomorrow (Sunday).  The group that has the day in Montreal tomorrow has plans for the day

I just spoke to Miranda on the phone, and she is on the later of the two flights tomorrow. So today the whole group is going to a bug zoo, and perhaps to a movie tonight. (Infinity War?) Tomorrow it’s a science centre and then she’ll be on her way.

She sounded good. Trying to figure out which of her clothes are the least dirty… 👃🔜🤮

Last Update

Miranda should be back by 8:30 tonight.

The second group is through security in Montreal and at the gate.  At this point, the flight is leaving on time.  Please check arrivals with Westjet before heading to the airport in case this changes.

Have a good rest of your Sunday!

Okay, really the last update

She’s home! 🏡

Dinner With Cindy

It’s been four years, but our friend from back in the day, Cindy, is in Calgary. She came to visit her brother and to attend the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. We met up with her at her hotel in the Southwest, and had some tandoori buffet and shot the breeze for a couple of hours. It was a nice visit. She had some great stories about the Expo and life in general. It’s really too bad that she and her family live in a part of Canada I don’t see us ever visiting…

Bye-bye hugs

Off to Montréal!

This morning we took Miranda to the airport, and sent her on her way. It’s been a long time coming, but her Grade 8 field trip to Montréal and Québec is here.

There was no real drama in the sendoff. This was not the first time that these teachers have made this trip, and they were quite organized. The kids were all divided into four “colour” teams, each with a responsible teacher.

Miranda, ready to go

We were at the airport by 10:20, and by 10:55, the kids’ luggage was all checked, and they gathered for a group photo and then were off to go through security.

Group photo

Ian and Tammy and I went to White Spot in the Northeast, at least in part to still be close to the airport if anything arose prior to takeoff. But again, all went well. Now Miranda is all the way across the country.

As I lamented three summers ago, it’s so strange for her to be so far away. All part of growing up, I guess. ❤

Barbecue Weather

Today the weather was sunny and the temperature got up to around 26 degrees. That called for BBQ burgers and eating out on the deck!

Enjoying the heat

And Miranda too!

We rode to piano lessons today. Need I remind you that only three weeks ago, the weather looked like this?

Tomorrow, Miranda flies away to Montréal! ✈ Such a big step. Really? We’re letting this person fly to Québec? 🍼

Young Writers’ Conference-2018

Today I helped run the Calgary Young Writers’ Conference. This year it took place at the Robert Thirsk High School. Usually only grade 9s are allowed to volunteer at the YWC but a few couldn’t come. I was lucky to be one of the 3 selected grade 8s who came and helped out. I had tons of fun helping the younger kids find there sessions and I got 3 free meals too. And I tell you, there’s nothing quite like running up and down 4 flights of stairs constantly for 9 hours straight. That’s all for now. Had tons of fun and would love to do it again but probably won’t. Bye.

(Also, the high school has a wonderful selection of books:)