Highland Games, Seeing Steph’s Place, Hockey, Furniture Delivery…

Lots of stuff happened today. It all got kicked off early by going to Stephanie’s place for 8:30. She had suggested that we go to the Highland Games at Topaz Park this weekend. The weather was iffy yesterday and not much better today, but we risked it today. It was the first time I’ve gotten to see her house, and it’s very nice. A good size for a small family, and very nicely laid out. Then she, Tammy, Zachary, Brianna, Miranda and Ian and I headed out to the Games. The weather held, and we were there for a couple of hours, watching the heavy events (Braemar Stone, hammer toss, etc.) and dancing and piping and all that. Jackson and Steve from Freedom Kilts were there, as well as Michelle and the girls. All the kids had fun running around with balloon swords. I got fitted for a kilt… 😉

Then we headed to Red Robin for lunch and then afterwards went to Stephanie’s so the kids could play and I could keep an eye (or two) on the Canucks game. In the 2nd intermission, Trish called and she had arranged for someone to pick up the china cabinet, so we took our leave and headed home. The guys who came could only fit the china cabinet in the truck, so we put the hutch in the Mazda and delivered it this evening. That was the last thing: the last step of clearing the stuff out of the garage, tomorrow we wash the cars and park ’em back inside. Feels good to get that all squared away.

I guess you could say we’re all moved in now. 😀

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  1. Sounds like you all had a good time! Measured for a kilt?? What can I say! –I have a kilt pin you could borrow!! Ha Ha

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