Pre-Pack Day

Jim and his son James showed up at 7:45 this morning, and have been packing away. I spoke to Jim about 20 minutes ago, and he figures that they will be finished the first days’ work about 1 o’clock. Everything has been going pretty smoothly. They have already packed the basement (I think Jim might be in my office now) and James is working on the kids’ rooms. The bookshelves in the living and dining rooms are done, too.

Will transport the futon for the kids to sleep on this afternoon, and pack my suitcase of clothes. Normally that wouldn’t be much of a big deal, but I do have four days of work here in Victoria and two days of attending a conference in Calgary before I will see my stuff again, so I have to think ahead.

We also saw the lawyer at 10:00, and that only took a few minutes. Then we stopped by the Community Hall to vote. So much stuff getting squared away.

Updated at 12:30

And Jim and James have left now. Everything except the master bedroom and the kitchen and the foyer are packed. They will be back tomorrow to finish the job.