Summer 2018 Piano Recital

The end of another year of piano lessons is here. Miranda has been studying musicality and improvisation with Miss Jessica, and Ian has been in the Level 3 class at Viva Musica. They are both doing very well, and they got a chance to show off at the recital.

The kids on stage

Miranda played two improvisational pieces with Miss Jessica.

Ian played “Left Alone”, which is a play on words: the piece is played entirely with the left hand.

Both did very well and I am very proud of them. They still have some make-up classes in the next couple of weeks, but the “school year” is over.

It’s been a long time since first exploring lessons for Miranda, and buying our piano.

Stampeders Game from the ENMAX Box

I got an email from Mary when I was at Tech Trek:

Hi Simon,

ENMAX has invited Esri to come to the football game – Calgary vs Hamilton – and Dave and I are going.

There is room for one more.

Don’t know if you want to come, but wanted to invite you.  No pressure either way.

Can you let me know tonight?


I said yes, of course. And tonight was the night. The view from the box was good.

View from the box towards downtown

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Hello from Tech Trek ’18

It’s late spring and I am in Southern Ontario at Tech Trek. It’s still early in the week: yesterday was the flight from Calgary and drive to the Nottawasaga Resort, dinner and welcome session. Managed to stay pretty much on the straight and narrow last night, so I’m feeling good this morning despite the early hour. The weather’s lovely so far. I snapped this of Lake Ontario as we were approaching YYZ.

The view out my window

The one bit of drama from yesterday was nearly losing my phone. I put it down on the seat next to me in the limo and then forgot to pick it up when we arrived. I was in the line to check in when I realized what I’d done. I ran out of the front doors and spotted the limo and sprinted. Lucky for me, the driver had stopped at the side of the road to get his GPS route back to the airport or it would have been much worse. All’s well that ended well.

Today is a long day in the main ballroom with presentation after presentation. Golf tonight!

⛳ 🏌️‍♂️


I am back from Tech Trek now. Tammy and the kids met me at the airport after Tammy finished her pro-d session at the College tonight.

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The Big 75!

Yesterday we celebrated Dad’s 75th birthday. Would have done it on the 9th but I had just come off night shift and the kids were at Foam Fest.

It started off with balloons and cards (included were scratch and wins and he actually one $10!)

Dinner was BBQ hamburgers and all the fixins. Dessert was Strawberry Shortcake with sparklers to celebrate (there was also Apple pie that Dad took home for the next day)

After dinner of course was the piece de resistance! Goofing around with the helium balloons 🙂 I’ll send Simon the file and see if he can upload it for me

Updated by Simon

Ask and ye shall receive:


MEC Century Ride, and Five Years in Calgary

For five months, I’d had today circled in the calendar: Mountain Equipment Coop Spring Century Ride. I’d talked about it with the club members, made plans, etc. Then it occurred to me on Friday that I hadn’t gotten the usual email from the organizer on the week of, telling me to pick up my bib number at MEC on Thursday night. I wondered if there was some new privacy restriction where I needed to check a particular box to get emails from them. But when I went through my email and our financials I realized that I’d never actually registered. I had registered for the Gran Fondo Badlands and for the Tour de Victoria, but not the MEC rides. So, I registered last night and drove the 130 kilometres to the event start this morning.

Clouds, fields and mountains

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Beach Art

Dad sent me these pictures today. A local artist has been making art from driftwood and other beach materials at Esquimalt Lagoon.

New Summer ‘Do 💇🏻‍♀️

Miss Miranda has chopped her hair again. 🙂 She was complaining about getting knots in it, and how much work it was to keep it looking nice. So now it’s short…

A playful cut

Another view

She got it cut at Elysium 5, a place next to the Tim Horton’s in Crowfoot.

It’s a cut that should be easy to manage, unlike the razored cut that she got back in 2016. In fact, that was the last cut Miranda got, and she’s been growing her hair out since then.

Just before going to the hairdresser

Should be cooler under a bike helmet, that’s for sure.



A Little Too Close

Last night on our way to Bow Cycle we were passed by a couple of screaming fire trucks going into Tuscany. The kids watched them go by then blurted out something about a lot of smoke in the sky behind us. We weren’t in the best position to see where it was coming from, but it looked like over near the Tuscany train station.

The smoke was thick and, thanks to the huge winds, blowing around like nobody’s business. I still couldn’t really gawk while I was driving, but Simon was tempted to stay home and keep watch because of how close it was to us. Once he saw the fire trucks and the direction the winds were blowing he decided to carry on to Bow Cycle as planned.

It turned out the fire was in the grass between Stoney Trail and the bike path. No news yet on the cause, but likely a smoker flicked a butt into the dry grass. Part of Stoney Trail and the Link into Tuscany was closed and traffic diverted via Crowchild. We must’ve gotten through the intersection not long before they closed it. It reopened not long after.