Rubik’s cube solving

So, ever since a week ago, I was going back to Rubik’s cube solving. I actually started in 2016 but now, I’ve returned to solving. In the first part of the week, I rote down on a sticky note, algorithms to solve the cube. I was practicing and so on. The second part of the week was trying to memorize the algorithms in my head. It took some time memorizing, and the third and final part of the week was speed solving. It took a few days to practice turning the cube quickly, but now, I think i’m on my way, yesterday, I ordered a 2018 speed cube so that my rubik’s cube would not lock up so easily when i turned it. I’ve been practicing speed solving ever since Friday and today, i think i’m getting really good. I recorded a video of me speed solving my rubik’s cube with a rubik’s cube stopwatch app. It took me 01:06.93 seconds to solve the cube.

I’m pretty fast, am I?

My first time winning Catan!

Hello everybody, it’s me again. I haven’t posted in a while so, i’m going to post a completely random story. Me, Mom and Dad were playing “The Settlers Of Catan” and surprisingly, I won! So, I’m posting about letting you all know that I won the game for the first time. Here’s a photo…

A photo of us playing the game

So, just letting you all know that i’m just posting this story so that you know I won “The Settlers Of Catan” for the first time.

So, thank you for seeing! I’m out!

11 years, Apple, iPhone, XR.

So, Apple, the phone company has been making iPhones for 11 years! Ever since the first iPhone came in June 2007, it was a joke to some people because of the all screen design since that screens back then were very terrible. But now, Apple the company, has made 98% customer satisfaction with the recent phones that came out last year. The iPhone X and the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. But now, today, at the Apple store, I took pictures of the brand new 6.1 inch Retina display the “iPhone XR”

So yah, here are the pictures:

This is the front of the phone on the lock screen

This is the back of the phone


This is the front of the phone on the home screen

Of course, there will be more pictures on the way.

If you want more information, this is the website:


Here are some more photos of the iPhone XR.

Now from your question Baba, how is the iPhone XR different from the other phones, well, I also took some photos of a 2 year old iPhone 7(2016), and you can tell the difference from those photos.

Here are more pictures of the iPhone XR:

This is the side of the phone.



This is another picture of the front of the Phone


This is the iPhone 7:

The front

The side

And the back

The iPhone XR or the Ten R is 150 mm tall, it is 75 mm wide and the iPhone 7 is 138 mm tall and 67 mm wide. So the iPhone XR is bigger than the iPhone 7. Both of the phones are made of aluminum except the iPhone XR has a wireless charging glass back and the iPhone 7 doesn’t. The iPhone XR has 6.1 inches of screen and the iPhone 7 has 4.7 and 5.5 inches of screen

This is a better token picture of the iPhone 7    -This is the iPhone XR tech specs    -This is the iPhone 7 tech specs             -This is the iPhone XR explained

COUGH, COUGH! I can’t breathe! – My 2nd post

It was fine yesterday with our rain storm that happened a few days ago, but I wasn’t expecting the smoke that we would get today. today’s smoke is terrible! for example;


and at noon, the smoke gets worse, my reaction was:

“COUGH, COUGH, I can’t breathe…”

I don’t know what it’s going to be like this evening, but, I know it’s going to look basically the same.

out our stairwell window


PS: I know I don’t need to say this but, these would be one of the days when I can’t see

I can’t see ahh!” 😣

By the way, these two photos tell you how smoky it is today, I was totally not expecting this kind of day to come.

Somewhere over there are the mountains.







and today.

this is a normal view


Hi, it’s Ian here and today is kind of a special day because today, it is my fist post and I am so happy 😄 ! so yah. the reason why I have decided to do my first post is because sometimes, I just want to talk to you when I’m not where you are right now and I do miss you all so much and I’ll be happy to see you all when we get to Victoria, even though, we do Skype together at some points of time, but it nice to be meeting you all in person, so yah that’s all I’m here for is to say it’s my first post and saying that I’ll be glad to see you all again at least in a week from now and goodbye!

Me on halloween 2015

Have a nice day everyone 🙂