Today my car finally sold. I put it on Kijiji back in February. The initial response was slow, but by March I had had a few interested parties ask about it. It wasn’t until late March that I actually had someone come and look at it. He was impressed with it, but ended up going with another car. However, he told his friend who ended up buying it. He was hot to buy something by the weekend, so we met halfway at Southcentre Mall today. We had a quick drive around and a few questions. He wanted a dealer inspection done and offered to pay $5000-5500 which was lower than what I was hoping for ($6500). After a few texts and calls and a talk with Knibbe (in lieu of an inspection) he offered a firm $5500 cash, which I eventually took. He and his friend came and got it after 4. We filled out and signed the Bills of Sale and away they went. Not soon after I was down at Plates deregistering my car and returning the plate as well as depositing the $$. I have to wait until Monday to cancel the insurance.
I loved my car and I was sorry to see it go, but it was starting to become randomly unreliable plus we don’t really need 2 cars. I would’ve liked more money for it, but I got market value (and it was more than a trade-in). In the future we’ll probably need a second car once the kids learn to drive. Maybe by then there will be more electric options (and rebates) available.

Field Trip to the Hangar

Yesterday I was one of the parent volunteers on the grade 6 field trip to the local aviation museum. Like most attractions here in Calgary, we hadn’t been to it. 😄

It was an all-day affair. We (classes 6-5 and 6-6) left the school at 9 and returned at 2.45 on the most packed school bus ever! The students were divided among the parents – we had 9-20 kids each and everyone was split into 2 groups: yellow or green for the actual tour. While one group took the tour, the other was building aircraft. Our group was first into the craft room where the kids each built a glider, a parachute, and a helicopter. After each project was completed we went out into the hangar and tried them out. For the most part everything flew or dropped in the expected way.

There was a quick 1/2 hour lunch at 11.30 then it was our turn to take the guided tour. It started off with a man grilling my group about certain flying principles (science!) and a bit of history of flight and how planes worked. He was impressed by Ian and Joey’s knowledge (actually, so was I). We then went into the “tent” next to the hangar to look at various aircraft. We got to sit in the twin otter and in the cockpit of an old 1950’s passenger plane. We looked at the Avro Lancaster and a Sikorsky Dragonfly. Inside the main building we tried out a helicopter cockpit, a hot air ballon basket, and a Tiger Moth. There were actual commercial airliner seats from the old days in there. They marvelled at the ashtrays in the armrest and the tables that slid into the armrests. They learned about the Avro Arrow and about different kinds of engines and the ejector seat.

They really seemed into this trip. Everyone was really engaged throughout most of the trip. I guess the rest of the family needs to go now.

Happy Birthday… to me.

Today I’m 47 ( and so is my “twin”, Simon’s cousin Chris – happy birthday to him).

The day has been pretty much like any other day. We woke up at 5.50 to CBC Radio 1. Everyone got ready for work or school (Simon is working from home). I had some presents and cards waiting for me: 

a keychain made by Miranda and a red origami crane,
a homemade card from Ian and a box of Purdy’s truffles (the booze kind),
a card, the What Do You Meme game, and a pair of BCC 2019 bib shorts (on order),
a meowing kitten card from Steph and the gang,
a humorous card (where do you find these?) and gift from Dave

Thank you everyone for the lovely gifts. Maybe we’ll bring the Meme game with us to Vic this summer. Later in the morning I Skyped with Dad and Carol and I will FaceTime with Dave when I get home from work at 10. I did a quick workout on the bike and then Simon and I walked down to our local pub for a lightning lunch. On the way home I cashed in my Starbucks birthday bonus drink card (and somehow got a free one for Simon).

Now I’m just waiting until I have to prepare chicken fajitas for supper before I’m off to work to give my students a reading test.  There is no cake as per my request, but I did make some treats to share with my class and there were enough for the fam as well (but I may have to make more).

First Job App

Just a short post today to note that Miranda has now officially handed in her first job application at Tim Hortons. There’s one fairly close to our home and she decided to apply. Maybe she will get Friday after school and/or Saturday afternoons if she’s hired.
Good luck to you. We hope you get hired.💜🍩☕️💰

Survived Week 1

It never fails to amaze me how tough the first week of work is after a short, 2-week break. Last week was the first week of our Winter 2019 term and we all we dragging by Wednesday. Admittedly I had agreed to sub for a daytime teacher, so I was doing double shifts (9.30-2.30, 6.30-9.00) Monday-Wednesday. Plus I’m now back to 4 eves a week, but I couldn’t believe the fatigue by 10pm. I also squeezed in either a bike ride or tread milling to keep up the battle of the bulge. I hope the week is better. I only have my evening classes. We’ll see come Thursday at 10pm.

Miranda’s 15th

Today is Miranda’s 15th birthday. Technically we could have started celebrating right after midnight, but the majority of us were tired and went to bed shortly after 12.
The big plan for today, at her request, was to watch all of the Lord of the Rings movies back-to-back. The plan was to start around 7 (I am not sure of the actual start time), so they were hunkered down in the bonus room when I got up at 8. There were a few short breaks for meals and birthday wishes, but most of the time they were in there. Simon even did two bouts of cycling while watching. There was a bigger break around 8.30-9 when Miranda opened her cards and gifts. The big combo gift from us was two additional piercings in each ear and pair of real earrings (garnet studs in silver). I spent most of the time preparing the cake, making chowder for lunch, going for a walk with Ian, and getting supper (which was our usual Love Boat Deluxe from Sakana Grill). Ian split his time between making videos from clips in which he acted both parts and practicing magic. Now that supper and cake are finished, they are back at it. I am not sure how much is left, but maybe by 9 they will have watched it all.
It was quite a sunny, balmy day of +4; my sweatpants and ski jacket were overkill on the walk.

Happy Birthday Miranda!  Here’s to many, many more. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Blood Donor Writing

This eve I went and donated blood for the first since 2010. I was a regular donor in Prince George (I felt it was my civic responsibility to do so since I have a rare blood type), but became less of one when we moved back to the Island. The clinics weren’t as convenient there. I finally got the lead out a month ago and searched for a local clinic. It turned out there was one at the new YMCA up the hill in Rocky Ridge. We all piled in the car and drove up. I didn’t feel confident in driving home. Even though I’d made an appointment for 7.10 I still got a number and waited over an hour to get siphoned. I’m not sure what the point of making an appointment was because it didn’t mean you got in at the specified time. So after waiting for an hour Simon and Ian went home. (Simon’s not feeling up to snuff.) Miranda stayed to watch. She can start donating when she’s 17. It took just over 7 minutes to fill the bag and then we were off to the refreshments. Simon came and got us and now we’re back home. My next donation will be in March.

Happy 20th Birthday Squeak!

You made it to 20 years old. Yay! Such a moofins you are. It’s hard to believe that many years have gone by since I heard you crying late at night at our apartment door on 15th Avenue in Prince George. From then you’ve had such a happy, comfortable life with people who love you. Happy Birthday Squeak! ❤️ Here’s to more happy days to come.


Dental Work Update

Miranda had her retainers fitted today. If you remember last week she had a digital scan done of her teeth which would produce a pair of molds from a 3D printer. Well the wonders of technology keep coming. I was expecting her to get the old fashioned kind of retainer with the metal strip across the teeth, but no. Now they use these for the final stages of teeth shaping:

And here are her”teeth” 😁:

She goes back in February to make sure everything is continuing to develop according to plan.