Jury Duty – Take 3

I went to check the mail the morning after we got back half expecting it to be choc-a-bloc with flyers and other rubbish, but I was pleasantly surprised to find very little in it. One of the pieces of mail was a jury summons letter. This is my third one. The first was when we lived in Sooke. I was unable to serve because the kids were too young and I had limited daycare. The second time was also when we lived in Sooke, but we were preparing to move. Will the third time be the charm? This time I have no excuses. There’s no reasonable exemption for which I can qualify. I work evenings so, in theory, I can be in court from 10.00-4.30, beetle home on the train, grab a bite for supper, and jump in the car for work at 5.30.  It doesn’t leave much time for class prep and I’ll need to have some meals prepped for the family.

The selection date is Oct. 24th. I wonder if I’ll qualify? More to come much later.

Holy Hail Storm, Batman!

I just made it into the garage when this humdinger blew up.

It’s funny how the weather in one part of the city can be so totally different from another part.  That’s Calgary.  Today I was at Columbia in the NE finishing off my end-of-term reports. The weather there was hot and summery (sunny and 25 degrees).  There was a wind blowing and it had been since morning (strong at times too). As I was driving home I could see the storm clouds looming on the horizon. It was a dark and stormy afternoon…  It wasn’t until I had reached the Nose Hill exit ramp on Crowchild that I entered the abyss.  The sky was black and the temperature had dipped to 17.  As I was waiting at the lights at the Scenic Acres Link intersection the thunder and lightning started.  Huge raindrops fell and I knew hail was coming. I beetled home (not speeding) to try and avoid it and I literally had just pulled into the garage when down it came.  It’s a good thing too because these buggers were bigger than our normal ones and would’ve left a few dents. Trees were being torn apart from the hail and wind and the street was running like a flash flood. All the while the thunder rumbled. Our deck got the worst of it. There was so much hail piled up at the back that our screen was frozen in place like winter.

It has blown by for now, but the skies are still iffy. The radar says we’re supposed to be rained out between now and 6, but sometimes it’s so way off I wonder where it gets its readings.  I hope it warms up again to melt before our club ride.  It’s too wet/cold/icy out there for my liking. (I’ll get Simon to upload the video for a truly immersive experience.)

Updated by Simon

Here you go!

Consultation at the Colon Cancer Clinic

Today was the second step on my journey to having a colonoscopy. (The first was having a FIT test come back positive which started the whole thing.) There was a small group of us assembled in the viewing room to watch a slideshow presentation from soup to nuts on the procedure. They couldn’t emphasize enough the powerful laxative (CoLyte) we’ll have to take. 🤣 We each had a booklet outlining to eat/don’t eat 4 days up to the procedure (yay! I get to eat a low-fibre diet for 4 days), plus helpful tips, and possible risks. You can read it online if you click on booklet above. After the slideshow we each had a one-on-one with a nurse to go through our profile/medical history. Then we were able to set up an appointment. I could’ve had Aug. 2, but two factors made me decide against it:

  1. I would have to get up at 2 am to finish the remaining 2L of laxative before my 7.30 am appointed procedure. There was no way I could imagine hauling my ass out of bed only to have it permanently glued to the pot for the next 4+ hours.
  2. If any complications from having any polyps removed (which tends to happen within the week following the procedure and not immediately) I didn’t want to be en route to Victoria and suddenly start bleeding and have to check into a hospital along the way. That would really wreck the flow of the trip. (not to mention what the strain of peddling my tonnage up and down hills for 65km in the TdV might do). 🙃

So, instead, I chose August 26th at 9.30am. 4 am is a more reasonable time for finishing the magic elixir and if any complications arise after the procedure I’ll be right here in town. (Not that I expect any.) Now to wait for the next step in the journey…

Finally, Calaway Park

With the weather being a crock more times than not and the fact both weekend days are taken up by cycle club rides, we hadn’t had a chance to get to Calaway Park this season – until today. Last night I said that if the weather today were tolerable that I’d take the kids. Well, it was tolerable. We had moments of “oh, those clouds don’t look too good” throughout the morning, but by 10 we were off. TDF had recorded for the day and we had a full tank of gas. We got there about 10.45 and stayed until 12.15. It was a short day as I have to get things prepared for class tonight. I went on 4 rides and the kids on 6 each. It was a pretty good time to go. I think the combination of the weather and Stampede kept the numbers low. Let’s hope for more better weather so we can go again.


Luging at COP

A couple of days ago Sepideh texted me about setting up play dates and activities that we could do with the kids over the summer. At some point next week we’ll set up some cycling playdates for Ian and Ilia.

Today was our first group outing. We were going to go to the Rec Room, but since it was a nice day it was changed to luging at COP. It was a new experience for most of us.
At first it was just going to be the kids luging. We got them a ticket for 3 rides each. They got fitted with a helmet, got onto the chair lift, and went to the top of COP. Sepideh was dolled up in a dress, so she had to buy a t-shirt and sweatpants in the ski shop before we could go. We bought ourselves a ticket for 2 rides and followed the kids uphill.

From above it seemed like the people were going so slowly, but once you were on the track that was not the case. Everyone got a mini lesson on how to “drive” the karts before you set off.  Some people drove like bats out of hell and others were very cautious. There were no collisions.  It was fun, but the vibration was hard on your hands and butt.  Two times was enough for me.

Afterwards we went for refreshments at McDonalds before being dropped off home.  The kids shared a pop and had a chocolate waffle cone each.  I had a sugar-free iced coffee.  Sepideh had a smoothie and poutine and Ilia had a McFlurry.

Last (half) Day of School

Not that this week has been overly taxing (except maybe for Miranda) at school, but now it’s over. I took the standard “last day of school” photo before they headed off today. It’s actually Miranda’s last day of middle school (Ian has 3 more). It’s off to Sir Winston Churchill High School this fall. Now what to do with them over the break…

Grade 9 Farewell Celebration

Tonight was the first part of 2 in the TMC Grade 9 Farewell Celebration. Everyone, students and guests, congregated in the gym while the school band played background music. There was the principal’s farewell/motivational speech followed by a selection of student MCs to introduce, thank, and entertain us with anecdotes from the last 5 years. There were 5 classes of about 30 students each that walked across the stage one-by-one and shook hands with their teachers and the principal. In-between classes the band played an Avengers medley, a James Bond medley, and a song of farewell. They did a pretty good job on all. After the ceremony there were refreshments (cakes, sandwiches, drinks) available. Both the kids had a piece of cake. Tomorrow is part 2: the BBQ. Hopefully the weather will cooperate so they can have it in Bowness Park as planned, but we’ll have to wait and see. I’ll post an update tomorrow.
Here are some photos. I apologize for the blurriness of some, but she was a moving target. There is some video footage, but Simon will put that up tomorrow when he gets back.


As expected, the BBQ was moved to the school from Bowness Park.  It was a mix of rain and snow for most of the morning!  The BBQs were set up under the awning at the school’s entrance.  The main foyer was set up with tables filled with dogs, bun, condiments, chips, and drinks.  The students ate in the gym where they were playing games. Overall the BBQ was a success.  We were understaffed with volunteers and we only had 2 BBQs for 300+ dogs. It was constantly running around refilling and keeping an eye on light-fingered individuals form other grades. Because of this, I wasn’t able to get any pics of the event.

Happy 46th Birthday Simon!

Today is Simon’s 46th birthday. The day started off quite early with Squeak marooning around at god knows when. By the way she was goofing and traipsing around the bed I thought it had to be at least 7. It turns out it was only 6.30 when I finally gave in and checked her bowls and boxes.
After that I put on the coffee and arranged his presents and card while Simon got ready. I put out his maple nut “Goatmeal” Crisp.  He gradually opened his cards and presents during breakfast. He had to do a few things for work, so while he did that I iced and decorated his cake.  Before lunch we went out to get his licence renewed. In the end lunch was a selection of appies followed by his cake – orange with chocolate icing.  We were going to watch Wonder Woman (the movie) while we ate, but lunch required too much attention so we watched it afterwards. Finally both Simon and I did our cycling since the weather has been a disaster today (pouring). Maybe we’ll watch another movie tonight.

Happy Birthday Simon!  I hope you’re having a great day. Love you!  🧡🎂


Today my car finally sold. I put it on Kijiji back in February. The initial response was slow, but by March I had had a few interested parties ask about it. It wasn’t until late March that I actually had someone come and look at it. He was impressed with it, but ended up going with another car. However, he told his friend who ended up buying it. He was hot to buy something by the weekend, so we met halfway at Southcentre Mall today. We had a quick drive around and a few questions. He wanted a dealer inspection done and offered to pay $5000-5500 which was lower than what I was hoping for ($6500). After a few texts and calls and a talk with Knibbe (in lieu of an inspection) he offered a firm $5500 cash, which I eventually took. He and his friend came and got it after 4. We filled out and signed the Bills of Sale and away they went. Not soon after I was down at Plates deregistering my car and returning the plate as well as depositing the $$. I have to wait until Monday to cancel the insurance.
I loved my car and I was sorry to see it go, but it was starting to become randomly unreliable plus we don’t really need 2 cars. I would’ve liked more money for it, but I got market value (and it was more than a trade-in). In the future we’ll probably need a second car once the kids learn to drive. Maybe by then there will be more electric options (and rebates) available.

Field Trip to the Hangar

Yesterday I was one of the parent volunteers on the grade 6 field trip to the local aviation museum. Like most attractions here in Calgary, we hadn’t been to it. 😄

It was an all-day affair. We (classes 6-5 and 6-6) left the school at 9 and returned at 2.45 on the most packed school bus ever! The students were divided among the parents – we had 9-20 kids each and everyone was split into 2 groups: yellow or green for the actual tour. While one group took the tour, the other was building aircraft. Our group was first into the craft room where the kids each built a glider, a parachute, and a helicopter. After each project was completed we went out into the hangar and tried them out. For the most part everything flew or dropped in the expected way.

There was a quick 1/2 hour lunch at 11.30 then it was our turn to take the guided tour. It started off with a man grilling my group about certain flying principles (science!) and a bit of history of flight and how planes worked. He was impressed by Ian and Joey’s knowledge (actually, so was I). We then went into the “tent” next to the hangar to look at various aircraft. We got to sit in the twin otter and in the cockpit of an old 1950’s passenger plane. We looked at the Avro Lancaster and a Sikorsky Dragonfly. Inside the main building we tried out a helicopter cockpit, a hot air ballon basket, and a Tiger Moth. There were actual commercial airliner seats from the old days in there. They marvelled at the ashtrays in the armrest and the tables that slid into the armrests. They learned about the Avro Arrow and about different kinds of engines and the ejector seat.

They really seemed into this trip. Everyone was really engaged throughout most of the trip. I guess the rest of the family needs to go now.