Happy 20th Birthday Squeak!

You made it to 20 years old. Yay! Such a moofins you are. It’s hard to believe that many years have gone by since I heard you crying late at night at our apartment door on 15th Avenue in Prince George. From then you’ve had such a happy, comfortable life with people who love you. Happy Birthday Squeak! ❤️ Here’s to more happy days to come.


Dental Work Update

Miranda had her retainers fitted today. If you remember last week she had a digital scan done of her teeth which would produce a pair of molds from a 3D printer. Well the wonders of technology keep coming. I was expecting her to get the old fashioned kind of retainer with the metal strip across the teeth, but no. Now they use these for the final stages of teeth shaping:

And here are her”teeth” 😁:

She goes back in February to make sure everything is continuing to develop according to plan.

No More Braces

Today was a big day for Miranda. She no longer has to wear braces. She will have to wear a retainer which she will get next week. They scraped the glue off her teeth, took more photos of her jaws (no more cross bite), and another radial X-ray.
Technology certainly makes things easier when it works. Her previous retainer was created from a mold of clay-like material that she had to stick in her mouth. Now they use 3D imaging. From that they can print out a model from their 3D printer and build the retainer on top of that! I’ll have Simon post the video. when he gets home.

Flu Shots

Ian and I got our flu shots this evening. I decided that while we’re still healthy we’d better get it done. The other half of the family is sick. Miranda came down with a cold on Saturday and Simon started with symptoms last night. He has been going downhill all day. It’s only a matter of time before we come down with it.
Luckily Rexall had no-one waiting at 6.30-ish. We walked up to the counter with our pre-completed forms and almost went straight in. Hopefully it’ll be that empty when the other 2 go for theirs.

Snowtember 2018

After many forecasts threatening us with a substantial snowfall, we finally got a skiff this evening. There were some scattered flakes on our deck this morning, but we’ve had hail-fall worse than that. This Snowtember is nowhere near as bad as our 2014 one. The temps have been between 3 and -3 the last two days and the next few days will be a mix of snow and rain with temps between 8 and -3. It should make for hellish driving if the snow actually sticks to the roads. Very few people, myself included, have swapped over to the winter tires. I usually wait until late October, but I may have to reconsider this year.

First Day of Vacation

Yesterday was my last official day of work for the term. Actually it was supposed to be the end-of-term party. One person showed up. 🤣 We has fruit salad with Greek yogurt, a Colombian milk cake, and coffee. She left at about 10.30 and I held out another hour before leaving.

Today I had my usual bike ride with Ian. It was more dropping him off and picking up Miranda. It’s the Tour de Bowness this weekend. The BCC ended their Sunday ride at one of the competition routes. That’s where I left Ian with Simon.

The rest of the day was a mix of nothing much. The next term starts on the 20th, but we’ll be in Victoria as usual. I’ll start on the 29th. Next week I have to draw up 3 lesson plans for my sub. One year the terms and our vacation will line up.

Programming with Ian (and Miranda)

As part of his summer enrichment Simon has volunteered me to work through Swift Playgrounds on the iPad with Ian. (I volunteered Miranda to join in as well. 😆)   Swift Playgrounds is a visually friendly learn-to-program course put out by Apple in their anyone can code movement. It’s broken down into 3 introductory courses: Learn to Code 1, Learn to Code 2, and Learn to Code 3. Ian has really taken a shine to it. I have to admit it’s a lot better than the coding courses I took at UVic and CNC. In fact it brought to mind my first programming course I had through Radio Shack waaaay back in the ’80s. I managed to find some videos on Logo on Youtube. I showed him how programming classes used to be in the beginning and how they typically are at the post-secondary level (dry and boring). It really made him appreciate how Swift has been designed.  Hopefully we can work our way through 2 of the courses by the end of summer.

A Little Too Close

Last night on our way to Bow Cycle we were passed by a couple of screaming fire trucks going into Tuscany. The kids watched them go by then blurted out something about a lot of smoke in the sky behind us. We weren’t in the best position to see where it was coming from, but it looked like over near the Tuscany train station.

The smoke was thick and, thanks to the huge winds, blowing around like nobody’s business. I still couldn’t really gawk while I was driving, but Simon was tempted to stay home and keep watch because of how close it was to us. Once he saw the fire trucks and the direction the winds were blowing he decided to carry on to Bow Cycle as planned.

It turned out the fire was in the grass between Stoney Trail and the bike path. No news yet on the cause, but likely a smoker flicked a butt into the dry grass. Part of Stoney Trail and the Link into Tuscany was closed and traffic diverted via Crowchild. We must’ve gotten through the intersection not long before they closed it. It reopened not long after.

45 Today

Simon is 45 today.

The plans are a bit up in the air because the weather can be fickle. It’s the BCC Ladies’ Ride tonight and so he and Ian usually go for one at the same time. Unfortunately the weather is uncooperative and we’re not sure what’s going to happen, so that really affects the cake and dinner plans.

We were up early because I had a dental appointment at 8. The kids finally straggled down after I blasted “Come On Get Happy” by the Partridge Family through the Apple TV upstairs. He managed to open his presents during breakfast:

  • a bike pedal wrench
  • a BCC vest
  • a pair of BCC arm warmers and leg warmers
  • a bottle of bourbon


Well the ride was called off.  Now we have to make up for it with a ride on the trainer. On the up side he can have his cake today and eat it too.  😜   We had a fry up of sorts- scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, tomatoes, and mushrooms for supper.  Then we had the German chocolate cake.

Happy Birthday Simon! ❤