Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse

So the moon was spectacular (some pics I took) last night. I was messing around with the settings since it has been a while that I have used my Canon Powershot SX50 HS and came to the conclusion I need to start practicing again.

Creating Christmas

Been battling various colds through the entire family and bad weather but finally we have a weekend where the stars aligned and we were able to put up some cheer! Zach was a big help this year being up on the ladder.

This year we have an imp of a cat that I was seriously questioning how to protect the tree…

So we anchored it to the ceiling and did soft ornaments this year, aka teddy bear tree! Turned out pretty good actually 🙂

I got the kids Lego advent calendars this year. Let the building begin!

The Big 75!

Yesterday we celebrated Dad’s 75th birthday. Would have done it on the 9th but I had just come off night shift and the kids were at Foam Fest.

It started off with balloons and cards (included were scratch and wins and he actually one $10!)

Dinner was BBQ hamburgers and all the fixins. Dessert was Strawberry Shortcake with sparklers to celebrate (there was also Apple pie that Dad took home for the next day)

After dinner of course was the piece de resistance! Goofing around with the helium balloons 🙂 I’ll send Simon the file and see if he can upload it for me

Updated by Simon

Ask and ye shall receive:


New Addition to the family…

Introducing Angus! Or Gus-Gus for now until he needs the more adult-ish name 🙂

He is a Mainecoon X so might get pretty big. He’s a decent mix of his parents so don’t really know for now. Holy energy Batman!! He is all over the place and climbs without fear. Nothing like what Twinkie was when she was young. Twinkie was pretty hissy to start but this morning she was ok with him. Especially they played “whack a mole” in one of the cat trees which Twinkie enjoyed thoroughly (go figure….beat up the new kid on the block and not get in trouble 😀 )

See look he actually sleeps!! Was starting to wonder if I should be looking to see where I can take the batteries out

Decided to do Paintnite at my place!

So the kids and I decided to do some painting at home today. I took a picture and painted it and the kids had outlines on their canvases to follow.

Starry Night with a Fox – Stephanie

Penguins Huddling in the Snow – Zachary

Flamingo Christmas – Brianna

Complete with leg warmers and a toque 🙂

We’ll try another day to do freehand a painting where I’ll teach them what to do and how to do it with their own variations.