Decided to do Paintnite at my place!

So the kids and I decided to do some painting at home today. I took a picture and painted it and the kids had outlines on their canvases to follow.

Starry Night with a Fox – Stephanie

Penguins Huddling in the Snow – Zachary

Flamingo Christmas – Brianna

Complete with leg warmers and a toque 🙂

We’ll try another day to do freehand a painting where I’ll teach them what to do and how to do it with their own variations.

The Birds…….(dramatic music ensuing)

They seem to do this every year around here. Hundreds of crows migrating but taking a pitstop in Westhills.

I feel like I’m starring in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds movie. I have video but it’s too big for this site apparently. Posted on Facebook instead.

Simon steps in and… voila!  😎

Halloween con’t in the west

We had about 129 kids this year. Tristan took the kids out for the first half and I answered the door. Then we switched. Scared quite a few kids and adults. Had a handful that refused to come up to the door (evil laugh ensuing). We had the front window open a crack to listen for people and could hear kids saying things like “Can you come up to the door with me?” and “This is the house that scares everyone”.

Job done. *Mic drop*



I had a zombie under the bench that moans and reaches forward which starts the screams then the furnace critter pops up after they think they’ve overcome the zombie.

Happy Little Trees….

I seem to be channelling Bob Ross lately. I have started going to Paintnite and am enjoying it thoroughly. A company takes over a part of a pub somewhere in Victoria (actually happens all over the island as well) and we buy a ticket and show up (buy a glass of wine at the bar) and they supply the canvas, paint and brushes. Step by step they show us how to do the paintings and voila!

Not too shabby I think.

Summer Crabbing, Having some fuuuuuunn :)

Haven’t posted for a while. Been enjoying the lovely sun and family time. Yesterday we decided to get up early and try crabbing for the first time. Tristan being the expert but all the rest of us were newbies.

Setting up the traps with chicken legs and leftover bits of salmon

Waiting for the pots to soak and lure in the crabs

Our first victim…..a really tiny spider crab. Threw him back and the seaweed. Not deterred we’ll throw the pot in again. Tides are coming in and bringing the crabs at the same time.

That’s better!

Kids with their trophies!

Now that’s a nice sight. Had dad over for dinner to enjoy crab claws, steak, caesar salad, potato salad and dessert brought by dad. Ended in a water fight between Bri, Zach, Tristan and me 😛

Sassy with style

Brianna was wanting some pink in her hair so we finally made an appointment with my stylist. It was a long 3 hour change but in the end it turned out great! We had to lighten her hair first which took forever (tedious) and we were going to do the pink a different day but she decided to do it all in one night. The pink didn’t take long at all and Brianna’s hair actually lightened quick and took the pink really well.

Getting tired of stress…

Might as well post here regarding my sleepless weekend. It all started Sunday morning when I noticed Twinkie had barfed in the hallway. No big deal until I realized she was hiding under the bed and refused to come out. 4 hours later she finally emerged and immediately curled up with me the rest of the day (I stayed beside her worried about her). She felt hot and was sleepy and lethargic. She came to say hi and I rubbed her behind the ears like I always do and noticed my hand was wet.

There were blisters on her ears and when they popped it was a serous fluid that came out plus her ears were losing hair and looking red/purple!! Panic set in and I took her to the hospital. Well they did know what she had as well. Could be allergic reaction to her food or a bacterial/viral infection, or autoimmune something or other…..

So she stayed overnight for IV fluids since she was dehydrated and antibiotics and steroids and blood tests. Won’t know anything till the end of the week. She’s at home now with a cone on her head. Houdini has gotten it off sooooo many times I had to geri-rig it around her body.

She opened up one of her sutures but it isn’t bleeding and she seems ok and the doctor isn’t too worried about it as long as she wears her cone. Major eye roll happening here