Dental Work Update

Miranda had her retainers fitted today. If you remember last week she had a digital scan done of her teeth which would produce a pair of molds from a 3D printer. Well the wonders of technology keep coming. I was expecting her to get the old fashioned kind of retainer with the metal strip across the teeth, but no. Now they use these for the final stages of teeth shaping:

And here are her”teeth” 😁:

She goes back in February to make sure everything is continuing to develop according to plan.

Busy Day

What a busy Saturday it was today. It started right after breakfast, vacuuming the lint from behind the dryer and in the dryer vent. I know, woo. But it got more exciting after that. Miranda read that today the Calgary Transit was free from 7 am to 7 pm so that Calgarians could come down to the new Calgary Public Library Main Branch, which is having its grand opening. So she asked if we could do that, and it was a great idea. We hopped on the C-Train and visited the library.

There was a big crowd

We split up, with Miranda and Tammy circulating and Ian and I exploring on our own. There are four floors and lots of stairs.

Looking down into the main atrium

I don’t think we’ll get there that often, but it was really nice. My favorite spot was the reading room on the fourth floor. They also had a bunch of typewriters set up where people were encouraged to write poetry.

Ian and I finished our tour first, and he and I left to go and see the Telus Sky and Brookfield Place buildings. Ian’s a real sucker for those tall buildings. He loves looking up at them, but claims it makes him dizzy.

Holding on for dear life looking up at Brookfield

We took the train out to Dalhousie, where we had lunch at DQ, and Ian and I got haircuts at the barber there.

Ian getting shorn

Then we finished our train tour heading home, and we all did our writing, and then I got on my bike and rode 30 kilometers on the rollers. We had a light dinner, because then it was time to put our costumes on and go to Mark and Darlene’s house for Halloween at Hogwarts. Mark is the President of the Bow Cyclists Club, and he extended an invitation to this party to the BCC Ambassadors. I ended up being the only one who showed up. Tammy, Miranda and Ian and I mingled with a mix of Darlene’s relatives and co-workers. I met lots of people and we all had fun, even if some of us mingled better than others.

The party was very amazingly themed with Harry Potter. There were decorations everywhere, and all of the food was themed as well. More than half of the people who came to the party were dressed as Harry Potter characters or Hogwarts students. Mark was a pretty convincing Hagrid, and I spent much of the evening in the company of Severus Snape.

Check out the floating candles

Now it’s ten o’clock and we’re home and everybody’s full of sugar. (And alcohol, in Tammy’s case 🥴)

What a day!

No More Braces

Today was a big day for Miranda. She no longer has to wear braces. She will have to wear a retainer which she will get next week. They scraped the glue off her teeth, took more photos of her jaws (no more cross bite), and another radial X-ray.
Technology certainly makes things easier when it works. Her previous retainer was created from a mold of clay-like material that she had to stick in her mouth. Now they use 3D imaging. From that they can print out a model from their 3D printer and build the retainer on top of that! I’ll have Simon post the video. when he gets home.

Hello? Halloweenies?

Where is everybody?

It’s now 8:45, and I’ve turned off the pumpkins. The count from years past and now 2018, too:

  • 2013 – 61
  • 2014 – 78
  • 2015 – 57
  • 2016 – 50
  • 2017 – 52
  • 2018 – 25 😵

Twenty five??? I was handing out handfuls of candies to the kids and still have a large amount of candy left. I had the pumpkins brightly lit in the front window. The weather was clear and about nine degrees, which is superb compared to the snow we had last month.

Can’t miss them

Ah well. The kids went out trick or treating this evening. Rather, Ian went trick or treating, and Miranda took him around. She felt too old to do it herself, but walked Ian around our street. Tammy was teaching again tonight. She wore her Musketeer outfit. I wore my samurai outfit to answer the door. Miranda was dressed like the singer from Panic! At the Disco, in one of their music videos. Ian was a BC Ferries Captain.

They were back pretty quickly. Ian’s bag wasn’t as big as in past years, and when it was full they came straight back home.

Candy, candy, candy

Happy Halloween! Anybody want some candy? 🍬

11 years, Apple, iPhone, XR.

So, Apple, the phone company has been making iPhones for 11 years! Ever since the first iPhone came in June 2007, it was a joke to some people because of the all screen design since that screens back then were very terrible. But now, Apple the company, has made 98% customer satisfaction with the recent phones that came out last year. The iPhone X and the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. But now, today, at the Apple store, I took pictures of the brand new 6.1 inch Retina display the “iPhone XR”

So yah, here are the pictures:

This is the front of the phone on the lock screen

This is the back of the phone


This is the front of the phone on the home screen

Of course, there will be more pictures on the way.

If you want more information, this is the website:


Here are some more photos of the iPhone XR.

Now from your question Baba, how is the iPhone XR different from the other phones, well, I also took some photos of a 2 year old iPhone 7(2016), and you can tell the difference from those photos.

Here are more pictures of the iPhone XR:

This is the side of the phone.



This is another picture of the front of the Phone


This is the iPhone 7:

The front

The side

And the back

The iPhone XR or the Ten R is 150 mm tall, it is 75 mm wide and the iPhone 7 is 138 mm tall and 67 mm wide. So the iPhone XR is bigger than the iPhone 7. Both of the phones are made of aluminum except the iPhone XR has a wireless charging glass back and the iPhone 7 doesn’t. The iPhone XR has 6.1 inches of screen and the iPhone 7 has 4.7 and 5.5 inches of screen

This is a better token picture of the iPhone 7    -This is the iPhone XR tech specs    -This is the iPhone 7 tech specs             -This is the iPhone XR explained

Hello From Edmonton

Wait, wasn’t I comatose in bed three days ago?

Yep. But there’s a workshop with EPCOR tomorrow. I am feeling better, but there are signs that I’m still not well. I’ll be resting in my room as much as possible. The bus ride on the Red Arrow was peaceful.

Not much to say about the trip so far. Just hoping my health holds.

Flu Shots

Ian and I got our flu shots this evening. I decided that while we’re still healthy we’d better get it done. The other half of the family is sick. Miranda came down with a cold on Saturday and Simon started with symptoms last night. He has been going downhill all day. It’s only a matter of time before we come down with it.
Luckily Rexall had no-one waiting at 6.30-ish. We walked up to the counter with our pre-completed forms and almost went straight in. Hopefully it’ll be that empty when the other 2 go for theirs.

Happy Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians everywhere! 🇨🇦

The dinner spread

It was a quiet affair around here. I was supposed to have a bike fit with Tara at Bow Cycle today, but she called it off because she had a cold. Among the extra things I accomplished today because of that, one was ordering Miranda’s school photo prints. Her proofs looked nice, but it was an ordeal to pick exactly what we wanted. Tammy suggested that we just take our own photo and get prints of that if we couldn’t figure it out.

That led to the suggestion that we could do that with Ian instead of getting his reshoot. His proof had come back completely horrible. I took some time and got some pretty good pictures of Ian with the good camera and the tripod. Then, since everything was already set up, we took some family pictures. The problem is, there are three different ones that we think ended up pretty good.

Since we’re only going to be getting prints for the family, if you want to let us know what picture you like best, we’ll get you a copy of that one. Here’s the gallery of options:

This one’s my favourite

“Family with herons”

“The old standby: in front of the bookcases”

Let us know which one you like best.

Painted The Kitchen Wall

Sometimes things have been in the job jar so long, the paper has turned to dust.

When we painted the living room, I painted a little swatch of colour on the kitchen wall under the phone. The idea was to choose a colour to paint the kitchen, covering the grey. Well, that was over two years ago. Neither Tammy nor I could make a decision on a colour, and that led to just leaving it.

Today, I was going to do some touch-up painting in the bonus room, and I was faced with a dilemma: should I

  • Take the can of grey paint and cover over the sample patch and touch up the most egregious examples of horrible paint in the kitchen or
  • Finally choose a colour for the kitchen and schedule painting for next weekend?

I chose touching up, but then when I popped open the can, the paint inside it had separated so badly that there was an immovable lump in the bottom of the can and an inch of oily liquid on top. 😖 So I had to go to the hardware store to get paint either way.

I elected to try to colour match the grey and touch up the paint. But as it dried, it was obvious that the colour match was only so-so. So we painted the entire wall. Miranda was using a small brush to do the fine edge bits (covering the beige left behind by the previous owners, and the teal/primer flashes showing between the living room and the kitchen from me). Tammy tore the computer desk apart, and I did the rest. It didn’t take too long, but the difference was such a relief.

The grey arch wall with fresh paint

I even did the horrible bits above the refrigerator. Seriously, how can you miss areas the size of a tennis ball?

That should clear the way for giving the kids’ bathroom a makeover. It’s been waiting behind this in the job jar for years now.