First Snow, Nochie’s Alright, New Haircut

Yesterday and today were fairly eventful, after so many days of just keeping on keeping on.

Friday started with Miranda’s parent-teacher meeting. It was only 10 minutes long, so it wasn’t exactly in depth, but Miranda is doing well, paying attention and doing her work. The one thing (and it’s always the thing) is she doesn’t speak up or volunteer information in class.

Then it started snowing. Not a lot, but it’s a warning. ๐Ÿ™‚ Winter is coming.

Snow on the Bow River

Snow on the Bow River

That evening, we took Nochie to the vet, too. She’s getting thinner, having troubles with her insides, and we wanted to check with the vet. The conversation was pretty positive, so we’re happy about that.

Then today, Tammy and Miranda went to get their hair cut. Miranda wanted something a little different…

Miranda's new 'do

Miranda’s new ‘do

It looks good. The rest of her hair is long enough that the razored parts are really quite dramatic. I like it. It will take some maintenance, though.

2 thoughts on “First Snow, Nochie’s Alright, New Haircut

  1. Go with the flow, It’s the new style. Enjoy, hair always grows and it will be something new next year. Love your snow!!!!

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