Ready, Set, Go!

National Novel Writing Month 2016 is underway. Tonight, Tammy and I each started on our respective novels.

Earlier in the evening, when Tammy took Miranda to piano, I was talking with Ian about it, telling him that I would appreciate it if for the month he would make an effort to be ready to read in bed by eight o’clock so that mum and I could get our evening writing started. I also suggested that he could try writing a story. Miranda did, back in 2011. He immediately said he wouldn’t know what to write. I scoffed. On Saturday part of the excavation of his room involved the organizing of reams of pages of comic stories that he had drawn and written.

So, later I said good night to him, and came down to the kitchen table to type. I got the title on the page before Ian came downstairs, asking if he could write Nanowrimo on a typewriter. What was I going to do, say no? 🙂  So I got him the typewriter he wanted, the Smith-Corona Clipper, and he started working.

Ian in author mode

Ian in author mode

He got a start on his story, but was really slowed down by the typewriter. He did pretty well, considering it was one THUNK imprinted character at a time.

The start of Ian's story

The start of Ian’s story

I set him up with an account in the Nanowrimo Young Writer’s Program, and transcribed into their web interface. If he wants to type tomorrow, I will give him the option of working on the computer instead of the typewriter.

The typewriter’s an acquired taste.


Ian continued his story writing on day two, jumping from 50ish words to 386 words written. Moving to the computer really helped him out. Maybe there’s a reason for these new-fangled things after all…

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