Movember Team Photo

This year, Esri Canada is supporting Movember again. From Jim:

Starting next Tuesday I will accept registrations for individual and team challenges. The individual, male or female, that grows the best or most innovative stash will win a Fit Bit Charge 2 Fitness Tracker. If you have facial hair already you need to shave it off ( Dan R ) .

There will also be a team event with the team showing the most ingenuity winning a team lunch or dinner.

Steven and I started talking right away about the possibilities of a team event. In the past, the “teams” were group shots of the participants in individual offices. In 2014, the Ottawa gentlemen made a “Wiser’s” photo, making a toast with glasses of whiskey.

We immediately latched onto the idea of an homage to the Beastie Boys’ 1994 music video forΒ Sabotage.

A publicity shot for the video

A publicity shot for the video

I enlisted Matt, and we got growing. I deliberately went ’70s on my moustache and sideburns to be ready for it. Since Steven is away next week, we did the photo shoot yesterday, not too far from the office. I spent some time in Pixelmator, and…

Enterprise by the Esri Boys

Enterprise by the Esri Boys

I will submit this soon to Jim. I think we have a really good chance of winning, but I’m so proud of the photo and poster that I don’t care.

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