Well, That Was Unexpected 

It’s Boxing Day 2016, and I find myself at the Foothills Medical Centre. I have had a slow-growing pain in my left leg, which is very similar to when I had the deep vein thrombosis back in 2014. I called Alberta Health Link, and the nurse was going to suggest that I see a doctor within 24 hours, but then she put me on hold and changed her mind. It was either urgent care or emergency.

So Tammy, Dad and the kids dropped me off about 11:25, and I’m slowly making my way through the system.

Updated 1:35

Admitted, and I’ve been waiting for a long while. Looks like a busy day in Emergency.

Updated 2:50

I have made it as far as a room, with a gown on.

Updated 4:30

I had to wait a while for the ultrasound, but it’s done now. Waiting for results. They let me change back into my clothes, which is a good sign, I think.

Updated 5:55

I’m waiting for Tammy to come and get me. I’m being discharged with a diagnosis of superficial thrombophlebitis. Not nearly as serious as a DVT. I am supposed to treat it with anti inflammatories and heat. No real restrictions on movement or activity.

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