Happy 13th Birthday, Miranda!

Today our baby girl became a teen. Yesterday, Tammy and Ian got some nice balloons to decorate her spot at the table.

We all slept in a bit this morning because we were up to midnight last night. But when we got our act together, she opened cards and presents after a soft boiled egg breakfast prepared by Tammy.

Most of her birthday presents were in gift card, cheque or cash form, but she did get some lovely Avengers sheets for her bed. Β πŸ™‚ She has already ordered a bunch of books from Chapters, so we’ll post when they arrive.

Tammy baked a chocolate cake yesterday, and I whipped up the peanut butter icing today. The cake called for chopped up peanut butter cups between the layers.

Dinner was hawaiian pizza pockets (for the kids, anyway). Grandpa Biickert joined in over FaceTime to sing Happy Birthday to Miranda.

4 thoughts on “Happy 13th Birthday, Miranda!

  1. Happy Birthday Miranda! Sorry I was unable to wish you that in person but was sick as a dog. Starting to recuperate now….
    Cake looks really good!

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