Group Zwift Ride at Bow Cycle

Tonight was a fun night. I took my bike, trainer, computer and other odds and ends to Bow Cycle, where a number of Bow Cyclists met up to have a group Zwift ride.

Everybody cooling down after the ride

We had eight people out, and we had a 31 km group ride around Watopia, the Zwift virtual island. From the angle of the photo, you can’t see the big screen that we were projecting onto. I hooked up my computer to the projector, and led the ride out. You can see my bike with the red handlebar tape.

In the picture, from nearest to farthest: Derek, Kenny, (me – missing), Liz (who leads the women’s ride in the summer), Tommy, Kieren, Marc and Mark.

Kieren takes a selfie

Getting ready to ride

We had a ton of fun. Yes, it was a pain to take all my gear and set it up and then tear it back down again, but well worth it. There was talk of doing it again next Wednesday. Unfortunately I will be in Palm Springs so I will miss out. And after that, the store hours are changing and we won’t be able to do this on Wednesday nights. But there was a real sense that next winter this might be a regular thing.

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