Cycle of Life Tour is a Go

I have committed to raising money for the Vancouver Island Hospice Society through the Cycle of Life Tour. Please pledge to sponsor me here. Current total: $1300!

And it’s over!

So, what is the Cycle of Life Tour? It is a two-day, 200 km bike ride on southern Vancouver Island, starting and ending in Victoria, BC. Its goal is to raise $100,000 in support of the hospices of Vancouver Island, including Victoria Hospice where Mom passed away in 2016 and Tammy’s Mom also passed away in 1994.

I became aware of it from a display in the family lounge at the hospice. I saw it when I was there in June and it struck me at the time as a particularly fitting way that I could give back to the people who were helping Dad, Stephanie and I and especially Mom get through those days.

Cycle of Life Tour jersey on display

I put it aside for some time, as there was no way I could participate in the 2016 edition. But earlier this month I found myself going to the event’s website and starting to learn more about it. It wasn’t easy for me to decide to do it. It wasn’t the 200 km of riding… that I can handle. It wasn’t having to travel so far to get to Victoria for the event.

It was the fundraising. Ever since I was in elementary school/soccer/baseball as a kid, I always hated fundraising. I never seemed to have the inner conviction that what I was working for was worthy and I always felt like I was intruding. With the ride, I am signing up to raise at least $500 for the Hospice. And I have set myself a goal of $1000. It’s ambitious, but I have had three things happen lately that made me think I can do it:

  • Last November, unsolicited, Tim Buckley asked for my Movember donation page link, and then immediately made a donation.
  • When I was talking to Dad about the possibility of doing this, he immediately jumped on it and offered to donate, and
  • When I signed up last night, I posted the donation page to Facebook, and within minutes Lorne Dmitruk had made a donation.

I think that I will get support enough to make my goal. And that would be fantastic.

After I signed up last night, I barely got any sleep. I had such a roil of emotions from doing this: excitement about the event, fear of failing to reach my goal, gratitude to Lorne for jumping right on and donating, but also a sudden sadness. It was a reopening of the wound of losing Mom again and I wasn’t expecting that. But it was also a feeling of pride in doing something about it.

Update – So near to reaching my goal

I had to post this:

The sound you hear Mr. Anderson, is the sound of inevitability…

Updated… I’ve made my goal

I got a cheque in the mail from Uncle Jack today. His $50 donation has pushed me past the $1000 goal that I set when I registered. I thought that $1000 would be a stretch, but almost $500 from my co-workers really made this happen. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and will contribute!

Updated with two weeks to go

In two weeks, Ian, Dad and I will be getting up and driving down to the start of the Cycle of Life Tour. Yesterday, I got the email with the details of the ride, including the instructions for packing the overnight bag and the ferry schedule.

For my part, I’ve done everything I can to prepare. My cycling season is in full swing and I’ve been commuting regularly. I’ve got all of my camping gear. It’s only a matter of waiting. I’m looking forward to the ride.

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  1. I sent out my request for donations to Esri Canada today, and my donation total reflects it: I’m now at $765!

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