First Couple of Days of Spring Break

We’ve kicked Spring Break 2017 off. Maybe yesterday wasn’t really exciting, but it really got something done that needed to be.

Yesterday we had to get up to go to Miranda’s parent-teacher conference at 8:30 and then that was followed up with Ian’s at 9:30 (at different schools, of course). Miranda’s two teachers had their rooms set up with stations where Miranda could demonstrate what she’s been learning with math (multiplication and percentages), science (her thermos project), writing reports (referencing skills and blocking out a report). She’s doing very well, so these things are fun. Ian’s also doing well, and we spent some time with him showing us the projects he’s been working on, like the french-labelled map of their classroom, his math notebook, his silhouette art and his story he wrote. I also spent time with his music teacher, talking about Ian and whether or not he was paying attention in the class. Apparently he loses focus sometimes, but his music teacher was really interested to know that he has perfect pitch and tested him with some notes on a recorder. They have been working on recorders and will be doing some ukulele later this year.

We were going to go to Walmart next, but before the school conferences, I had gone down to the filing cabinet to find my optical prescription. I wanted to order some new contact lenses. I couldn’t find it, which was the last straw. Our filing cabinet has been a hot mess for years, with a huge amount of junk (either very old, or unimportant stuff) in it, and the stuff that is important is more often than not in the wrong place. Thus started The Great Shredding of 2017. Six garbage bags of shredded paper and counting. The files themselves are all now just the necessities, and alphabetized. Almost everything before our most to Calgary has been removed. Manuals for things we don’t have any more are gone. We burned out our old shredder just before supper yesterday, so now we have a new 10-page crosscut one.

This morning we headed out to Nakiska. It was not too cold at -2, but we knew that the snow would be a bit crunchy from the freeze-thaw that spring weather brings. We were there by 9:00 and had most of the mountain to ourselves until the classes started showing up on the Bronze chair. I mean, just look at this parking space I got!

I got the perfect parking spot

We had a good day, regardless of the snow conditions. Tammy thought they were pretty good, and was practically enthusiastic when we regrouped to head to the car. đŸ˜‰ I was really happy with my turns onto my heel edge. I have really nailed them now. I took this timelapse of the drive from Highway 1 to the ski area.


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