Riding to Tammy’s New Work

Tammy worked as a substitute teacher at her new college today. It was a day shift, and she was on her way out the door by 8:00. The day was promising to be reasonably nice, so I spent some time before lunch tuning up my commuter bike and the kids’ bikes and then after lunch we threw the bikes on the rack and headed out for a ride. We started at the Riverside Club, where the kids had tennis once upon a time. We rode along the Bow River all the way past downtown and past the Zoo until we arrived at Columbia College.

The kids and downtown Calgary

By that time, Ian had had enough. I miscalculated how much farther it was past downtown to get to the college. I figured it was 8-10 km, tops. It was 16 km. Oops. 😳

So we got there as Tammy was ready to leave. We put Ian’s bike in the Golf and Tammy drove him home, while Miranda and I made the return trip. I was really surprised at how well she did on such a long ride. Yes, her bum’s sore, but she did a great job of keeping up on such a long ride. I think she’s inherited my cycling genes, if not the desire.

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