Piano at a Coffee House

Tonight, Miranda played a recital at Waves Coffee House on 17th Avenue in Calgary. It was part of her piano lessons: Miss Jessica had arranged it with the owner as a way for kids to play in a more casual environment than the usual formal recitals at the music centre. Miranda has been practicing her favourite pieces of music, which are from a Japanese amime series called “Fairy Tail” and learning new ones, like Watermark by Enya. She was a bit nervous, but well prepared.

Miranda at the coffee house

See below for video of her performance.

While we were waiting for Tammy to use the washroom before leaving, Miranda jumped on the piano to play Watermark. The fellow from the school who had been taking video of all the performances was very impressed and encouraged her to play that the next time they did this.

We were very proud of how well Miranda did. She had practiced and practiced and it shows.

There were about ten kids in total who played tonight, and Miss Jessica and Miss Serena (two teachers at Viva Musica) played some songs as well.

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