Getting tired of stress…

Might as well post here regarding my sleepless weekend. It all started Sunday morning when I noticed Twinkie had barfed in the hallway. No big deal until I realized she was hiding under the bed and refused to come out. 4 hours later she finally emerged and immediately curled up with me the rest of the day (I stayed beside her worried about her). She felt hot and was sleepy and lethargic. She came to say hi and I rubbed her behind the ears like I always do and noticed my hand was wet.

There were blisters on her ears and when they popped it was a serous fluid that came out plus her ears were losing hair and looking red/purple!! Panic set in and I took her to the hospital. Well they did know what she had as well. Could be allergic reaction to her food or a bacterial/viral infection, or autoimmune something or other…..

So she stayed overnight for IV fluids since she was dehydrated and antibiotics and steroids and blood tests. Won’t know anything till the end of the week. She’s at home now with a cone on her head. Houdini has gotten it off sooooo many times I had to geri-rig it around her body.

She opened up one of her sutures but it isn’t bleeding and she seems ok and the doctor isn’t too worried about it as long as she wears her cone. Major eye roll happening here

2 thoughts on “Getting tired of stress…

  1. So sorry that your baby is sick. Such a bad… whatever it is… for an indoor cat. I hope that she is okay.

    As I told the kids when Nochie passed away, when she was still less than a year old, we noticed that her inner eyelid was closing. We took her to the vet and they told us that her liver wasn’t functioning properly and there wasn’t anything they could do. We were very upset. But we waited and she got better from whatever was causing it. And then proceeded to live 19 more years.

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