On My Way Home

I am at the beautiful, spacious Chris Hadfield Airport (YZR) in Sarnia, Ontario. It’s not big, but being the only traveller here means I have lots of room to stretch out.

I will fly out at 9:30, and then will wait for a while in Toronto before flying to Calgary at 12:30. It’s a little unusual for me to fly home the day after a workshop is finished. With the two hour time gain heading West, normally I head home the same day. but I think his case the only workable flight home would have had me landing in Calgary after one in the morning. So I stayed one extra night.

The weather in Sarnia has been fantastic, with only one morning of drizzle. The rest of the time it’s been warm and sunny. It was 26 degrees last evening when I walked out to the Metro grocery store in search of some food.


This is the trip of flight delays, apparently. My flight out of Sarnia was 1.5 hours late, and now my flight to Calgary is going to be one hour and ten minutes late.