Half a Summery Weekend

The weather finally turned spring/summerlike this past week. The temperature got above 20 degrees for the first time this year, and hit highs of 26 or 27 on Thursday and Friday. There was much rejoicing!

It was so nice that Tammy rode with Ian to his piano lesson on Saturday morning over in Silver Springs, and we all did some yardwork, starting to make the place presentable. We even had barbecued hamburgers out on the deck, which was the first time since our improbably nice weather last November.

All in all, you’d think that it would bode well for my bike ride on Sunday, right? Right?

Ha! Chilly and wet, with snow threatening. ItĀ is Calgary, after all. We started out with eight riders, but three turned back when we got to Northmount Drive. It was the kind of day where you either were dressed for it or not.

Allan, Kevin, Phil and me.

Even with Kevin having a flat tire, it still was a fun ride.

Meanwhile, Dad has been visiting at Uncle Jack’s in ParksvilleĀ this weekend. Sounds like he’s had fun, with a hot rod car run and everything.

Uncle Jack and Dad