Happy Mother’s Day, Tammy

It wasn’t your Hallmark Mother’s Day around here. I was up a bit after six, and Tammy was up by 7:30, and getting ready for a bike ride. Cards and some small tokens of our love at breakfast, and then I was shuttling her to Butterfield Acres so that she could go for a bike ride with Mary and Allie. Then I was back home and heading out the door for the Bow Cyclists ride.

It was a nicer-looking day than it felt. It was one of those perfect skies, but a brisk six degrees.

Bow Cyclist Club, with Rocky Mountains

Tammy and Mary turned back earlier than planned because Tammy was cold and Mary was freezing.

We had a quiet afternoon after a late lunch and then Skyped with Colin and Carol, who are back on Pender Island. Then I was out the door to forage for dinner supplies. Here’s how it looked:

Dinner is served: Strawberries, grapes, Elderflower cider, veggie sticks and sweet mixed pickles, gouda, cranberry goat cheese, sun dried tomato havarti, French dry sausage with parmesan, swiss, black truffle monterey jack, baguette, cognac patΓ©, and Melba toast.

We made the kids try all of it. 😈

I don’t think our qualifies as typical in any way… but it’s our family.

2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day, Tammy

  1. Yes thank you to my lovely, caring family. The supper was excellent. The truffle cheese was…different. πŸ˜€
    The gifts were thoughtful. Both Miranda and Ian made me cards. Miranda made me a fashion scarf and I also got a more refined looking Road ID bracelet with a leather strap (also extra rubber, pastel straps for sports), and a donation to the ASPCA (L).

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