Happy Birthday #44 Simon!

Today the kids and I got up early (that’s 6.00 for us) and headed downstairs with Simon’s gifts. 🎁

Today will be, as Simon put it, a gong show because the timing of events. Simon had to be out the door early to go to a User’s Conference. It’s also cycling club night (if the weather cooperates) and I work from 6.30-9.00. The only chance we had to be all together was at breakfast. He may also be going out to supper after the conference if the weather is bad and he decides not to go cycling.
I’m making him a tide-him-over birthday sweet which he’ll enjoy when he gets home. 🎂 There will also be some chicken caesar salad in pitas if he doesn’t go out to supper.
It’s not an ideal birthday, but we’ll make it up to him on Saturday evening.
We love you. Hope you have a happy birthday today. 💖🥃

Simon with his new cycling socks

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday #44 Simon!

  1. Thank you very much for the birthday wishes. And super gracias for everybody getting up early to have breakfast with me.

  2. I enjoyed our FaceTime last night. Makes me feel like i’m almost there. Again Happy Birthday Love Dad

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