Grade 4 Movie Day

Today was the grade 4’s end-of-year extravaganza. ¬†They all went downtown to the Globe Cinema to watch Hugo. I was a volunteer chaperone-crowd control. We all piled onto 2 school buses and headed downtown to the cinema. ¬†I’d forgotten how loud a school bus can get. ¬†ūüė£ We got downtown around 9.40 where the “paparazzi” was waiting to take their pictures as they entered the cinema and were in our seats by 10. ¬†Everyone got a small bag of popcorn, a pop, a chocolate bar, and a pack of Twizzlers to munch on during the show. ¬†(Thank you to Tuscany Sobey’s for the snacks.)

The Globe is an older cinema without huge screens, but it was comfortable and pleasant.  They also have $5 Tuesdays with a cheap drink/popcorn combo.  It might be something we can do as a family one eve.

We were back on the bus by 12.15 and back at school for 12.50.  It was a good time had by all.

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