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It’s that time of year again, when I am in the wilds of Southern Ontario with 200 of my closest… co-workers.

I flew into Toronto yesterday, and Brian, Matt, Steven and Davor and I took a limo (black Escalade) to Nottawasaga Resort. There was a dinner, and then an hour and a half of presentations. Then we were left to our own devices, either hanging out in the Hospitality Suite, or playing mini golf or playing games in the entertainment centre that is part of the resort. 

Nottawasaga Resort

One of the tough parts about Tech Trek this year is that I’m trying to watch what I eat and drink. Dr. Sadiq wasn’t happy with the fact that I’d put on 5 kilos in the last year, and so I’ve been working to drop some before I see her again on the 9th of June. It wouldn’t be good to gain it all back in three days here. So I’ve been good so far, and quite frankly, my stomach is thanking me.

Today was the day that Michelle and I had to give our lightning talk on the Enterprise GIS Health Check. The other talks were on much more interesting (to my mind) topics like flood reporting, indoor location monitoring, snow removal reporting and commercial agriculture tracking. But Michelle and I worked to make a good lightning talk with “banter” back and forth and a very tight delivery that undershot the available 10 minutes. We’ve received lots of positive comments and we had lots of good questions, including a suggestion that we give the presentation to the sales staff as well so that they would be better informed.

Tonight was the golf tournament, and I was participating. Last year I did not because my shoulder was screwed up from my bike crash two months earlier. I hadn’t lifted a golf club in two years, and it showed. I had a few good shots but a lot of lost balls. My last shot of the day was almost enough to make up for it: I drained a chip from about twenty yards out.

At least I took some nice pictures.

Lined up and ready to golf

Goose family on the river

Chris and Andrew

Myself, Andrew and Chris

Another goose family

Tonight I attended the movie night. They showed Arrival in the big conference room. It is an excellent movie and very good even the second time. I’d watched it previously on a flight to Toronto.

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