Ian’s New Bike

Now everyone has a new bike (except me, but I don’t need one).

Ian riding his bike at home

Ian has been test riding different bikes on Thursdays when Miranda has been on the BCC ladies rides. We started with the Kona Jake cyclocross bike, but it became clear that he was more confident on a mountain bike. So he test rode a Kona Hula and a Specialized Hot Rock. Between Thursday and today, we’d made up our minds that the Specialized with 21 speeds was the right bike. He liked the shifters on the Specialized better than the Kona.

Of course, that meant that when we got to Bow Cycle today, they were sold out of that bike in the colour that Ian wanted. 😣 There was a bright red/neon yellow one, but he didn’t like it. The salesperson Aidan offered up a different bike: a Cube Kid 240. It was less expensive than the Specialized and had some upgraded parts. Ian took it for a ride.

Ian liked it… except for the tires

He loved the shifters, and he said that he couldn’t tell the difference between this and the Specialized (he rode the red one back to back with this), but he didn’t like the white tires. The Cube also came in grey and green with black tires… but that was sold out too. 😡 Ian was willing to wait a couple of weeks for more to come in. That’s how I was sure that he really didn’t like those tires: he was willing to forego a bike today.

But I spotted Chris at the parts counter as Ian and I were wandering around shopping for other things, and I asked him if they had any 24″ tires. They did, and with my staff discount, new tires only added about $40 to the price of the bike. It was still cheaper than the Specialized. So, with black tires, a bell, and a water bottle holder, Ian got a new bike.

Ready for his first ride

I juggled the white tires and a bag full of other stuff as we rode along the river to Tim Hortons, where Tammy met us for some lunch. Ian had a great time riding there.

Miranda was at Calaway Park today with her friend Sierra.

Miranda and Sierra, back from Calaway Park

For the record, at the moment we have eight bikes:

  1. Specialized Roubaix (Simon)
  2. Norco Valence (Simon)
  3. Giant Seek (Simon – commuting)
  4. Cannondale Quick (Tammy)
  5. Specialized Dolce (Miranda)
  6. Specialized Vita (Miranda’s old bike, Tammy uses it on the trainer)
  7. Cube Kid 240 (Ian)
  8. Kona Makena (Ian, but will be donated soon)

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