That’s how I feel. I have the dreaded summer cold. I felt it coming on late Friday and I was hoping to either beat it or get over it by yesterday. Of course THAT didn’t happen. Sunday night’s sleep was disrupted because if I moved a fraction of a mm from a certain angle my nose would start acting up. I went to work yesterday, but you know it was a mistake when your bangs are plastered to your forehead with sweat and you can feel sweat rolling down your spine – and this was just standing there. I managed to muddle through (thankfully it was the end of Ramadan and most students were away feasting) and get something prepared for today’s class. I’m not sure who’ll sub – it may end up being my super Mehdi. I’m glad I decided not to go today because I was literally awake until 3.30 before I fell asleep. My sandpaper throat was so uncomfortable every time I swallowed. I don’t have a cough (yet), just feverish and clogged up. I hope I sleep tonight.

2 thoughts on “DEATH!

  1. I can relate… and sympathize. Sorry that you’re suffering. I will try not to wake you up when I get home tonight.

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