Heat Wave

This week, Calgary has seen its first heat wave of 2017. A stable air mass has been sitting on us, and the temperatures have been rising all week. Last night was the first night that was uncomfortable. The kids slept in the basement, and Tammy and I did our best to get air moving through our upstairs. There wasn’t really much breeze to work with.

It’s supposed to peak at 32 degrees tomorrow (Sunday). It’s interesting that there haven’t been thunderstorms. Last year there was one practically every day. Just hot and clear.

Even without thunderstorms, the weather is still interrupting yet another home improvement. We’ve got the boards from the pergola down for sanding and staining. We have been sanding in the mornings, but the afternoons have been too hot. I hope that we can finish sanding today and perhaps staining, too. I am not sure when we will be able to reinstall the boards.

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