Refurbished Pergola

I’m beginning to think that refurbishing the deck is a multi-year effort. Maybe multi-decade. Check back here in 2027 to find out.

Last year, we fought the elements and refinished the deck surface. This year, I was contemplating rehabilitating the pergola overhead. It seemed like the kind of job that could be done quickly. That was okay thinking, until I got up on the ladder and got a good look at it. The weathering was worse than I’d thought, and there was the issue of the remaining mechanical pieces from the long-lost retractable roof.

I elected to take it down instead. We all pitched in (Ian and Miranda, too) and soon there were a number of 2×8 boards being sanded, filled and stained in the driveway and garage. We have worked at it since last weekend, and today we gave a full day’s effort. It’s finished and reconstructed.

View from the top

View from underneath

Yes, it’s white now. Eventually, I will sand and stain the railing the same colour. It still provides shade and shelter, but has a much brighter and lighter feel. I felt that the monochromatic redwood colour out there was offensive. 🙂

I’m so tired now. Everybody is. I am so grateful for everybody working so hard. 💙

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