Gear Dropped Off, Goodies Picked Up

The major goal of the day was to drop off my camping gear and check in for the Cycle of Life Tour.

Gear ready to go

I went through the checklists again and checked everything twice, so 🤞 that I’ve remembered everything. We headed out a bit early so that we could go down for a walk on the breakwater. We were timing it so that we could see the Coho ferry passing by. We got a chance to see it docking on our way there, so that was a bonus!

Dad and I on the Ogden Point Breakwater

Dad claims that he’s never walked out on the breakwater ever before. It only took forty-seven years of living in Victoria…

We were lucky: there was a cruise ship in. It was the Norwegian Jewel, and it was enormous.

Ian and I and the Norwegian Jewel

We waited and eventually we saw the Coho. We also saw lots of cabin cruisers, float planes and whale watching boats.

MV Coho

After that, we stopped by McDonald’s for coffee until it was time for the 4:00 drop off for the Tour. We found the place without too much difficulty, and dropped my stuff and signed the waver and got my swag bag. Not a bad haul.


And here’s yours truly, wearing my new jersey and cap.

All ready for tomorrow.

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