On Break for 2 Weeks

Thursday was my final day of work in CLB 1 – truly. Columbia College now no longer offers this level. The lowest they have is CLB 2. Of course, no one showed up to this class. They received their report cards on Monday and Tuesday and certificates and we had our farewell party on Wednesday.
Our party went very well. There was a lot of food and only a few students. I love Syrian food even though it’s a lot of pastie-like dishes. There was cheese, spinach, or beef-filled pasties, tabouleh, shawarma, cakes, and squares. I also received some gifts: a purse and a shirt, some flowers, and a chocolate-orange cake.

They were a great bunch of people, especially when you allowed them to be themselves.  I just hope my next bunch are just as great.  I start back on Aug. 14 with CLB 3 (then I’ll be off for a week+a day with out Vic trip).  Of course, now I have to start from scratch again because I have no pre-made lessons for this level. I guess I’ll be planning while on holiday in Vic. 😄

2 thoughts on “On Break for 2 Weeks

  1. Do you have any projects for your two week break?
    Looking forward to your visit we will order up sunshine and relaxing on the deck. Hiking up Mount Norman, yikes!!!
    And alien bug/spider alerts by Miranda.

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