Happy 10th Birthday, Ian

Ian turns 10 today! Wow, double digits.

I feel fortunate that everything has worked out that I am home today. After all, this is the first full day that I’ve been home in the last week.

We got up fairly early today, because Tammy had an appointment to see the foot doctor this morning. We had breakfast (Ian made his own toast and soft boiled egg) and Ian opened presents and birthday cards.

Ian with Miranda’s birthday card

Ian and a Lego ferry set

We all headed out to the doctor, which was only a hop, skip and a jump to Chinook Mall. Ian wanted to shop at the Lego Store. We browsed for a while, and then he handed me a tiny, $7 red car set. “Really? You have all that birthday money and you want that?” It turned out that he had his eye on the Big Ben set, but that was a lot more than he had. The Saturn V rocket set was closer, and I offered to cover the difference for him, but then he got all wishy washy. So, he hasn’t really spent birthday money yet.

Dinner will be ribs with trifle. His birthday party is tomorrow, so watch for more pics then!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Man.


Here are some pictures from dinner with our ribs and trifle.

Ready for ribs

Birthday trifle, complete with M&Ms

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  1. Happy Birthday Ian, love & hugs Baba & Grandpa
    We look forward to your visit in August and having more adventures with you on Pender Island.

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