Ian’s Birthday Party

Today was Ian’s 10th birthday party. It was from 11 to 3, and the scheduled things were:

  • Watching Lego Batman
  • Barbecued hot dogs and burgers for lunch
  • A water fight at the park

Tammy extended the invitation to parents to stay, and we had enough extra for more visitors, but no one took up the offer.

Watching Lego Batman

While the kids were watching the first half of the movie, Tammy and I were in the kitchen filling water balloons. Bwahahaha.😈

There will be soaking. Oh, yes, there will be soaking.

The deck was where lunch was held. It’s great that we’ve got it in pretty good shape. With the extra table for the buffet, it felt awesome.

Ready to serve

Chowing down. From front left: Ashton, Aksel, Ian and Ethan

The guests were pretty well-behaved, if full of inane conversation.

Blowing out the candles. Six girlfriends!

Then the real action began. The boys changed into their swimming trunks and we slathered on sunblock and headed to the Tuscarora Park for the squirt gun fight and water balloon games.

The boys were soaked to the skin in minutes.

Uncontrolled chaos

More chaos

Robin, Gilad, Eli and Sophie showed up partway through, in enough time to take part in the water games. We played a relay race, a water balloon tossing game, and a game where you had to put a water balloon between your belly and a partner’s and see how many times you could spin around. I think Eli and Sophie won every game.

Afterwards, the boys were picked up and Robin, Gilad and their kids stayed for a bit, sitting out on our deck.

It all went very well. I think everybody enjoyed themselves. A simpler birthday concept, but it worked well.

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