Phase One Complete: Ian’s Room

We have entered another round of home renovations. This time, it is Miranda who has spurred us into action. Quite frankly, I thought that we’d done enough for 2017 already. We’d done the roof, hot water tank, garage, and pergola. If anything, the next step was painting the kitchen, but no one was clamouring for it. 🙂

Miranda wants to redecorate her room in a more spartan, Japanese style. This is not a minor coat of paint. One of the casualties of the change will be her bed. This is the loft bed that I built in 2011. It made the move with us to Calgary and Miranda has had it for almost six years, but now it’s Ian’s turn.

Order of operations for Miranda’s room:

  1. Clear it out.
  2. Disassemble and paint the bed.
  3. Clear out Ian’s room.
  4. Paint Ian’s room and move the bed in.
  5. Tear out trim, carpets from Miranda’s room.
  6. Paint Miranda’s room.
  7. Install flooring.
  8. Install trim.
  9. Decorate.
  10. ???

Today, we have completed step #4. The paint in the kids’ rooms has needed to be done since we moved in, but kids’ rooms are hard to do. So. Much. Stuff. The old colour was a grey with a purple tinge. Now it’s Behr Navajo White, which is a yellowish-sand off-white. It’s so much cheerier in there now. The brightly-coloured bed helps too.

Ian in his new bed

We should finish step #6 before our trip to Victoria.

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