The 2017 Tour de Victoria

This is the third year in a row that we have worked the Tour de Victoria into our summer vacation trip back to Victoria. In 2015, I rode the medium distance. In 2016, I rode the full distance. Now in 2017, I rode the full distance, andย Tammy and Miranda rode the challenge distance! Woo! ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿ•บ

Yesterday, we went down to the Trek bicycle store to sign in, and then walked downtown. It was a lovely day, and we stopped on the Johnson Street Bridge to watch the Coho Ferry backing out.

Victoria Harbour

The gang on the bridge

We came back to Dad’s place, and put our numbers on our bikes and our jerseys. Tammy elected to wear her new Tour de Victoria jersey, while Miranda wanted to wear her Bow Cyclist Club jersey.

Jerseys ready to go: me, Tammy and Miranda

We had a nice visit at Stephanie’s and got to meet Twinkie (who had been spayed two days ago, so was wearing a cone on her head) and the geckos and the snake. We went out for supper as Dad’s treat at Jasmine’s in Colwood.

The family at Jasmine’s

Then it was time to make final preparations and hit the hay. The alarms were set for 5:00 am. Tammy was restless last night. She says she was awake from three o’clock. It was a nervous night. She had never ridden the 46 km distance before, nor ridden in a group of hundreds.

We were up and breakfasted and on the road by 6:05. We got down in time to take a few pictures and then get me in the start chute for the ride.

Simon and Joe Cool (aka Miranda)

Tammy and Simon at the Parliament Buildings

Then I was off and heading on my 140 km ride. Miranda and Tammy got onto the shuttle bus to Sydney for their ride at 8:10. I’ll let Tammy fill in the details of that, but their ride started at 10.

Meanwhile, Dad had gone back to bed, but he and Ian were out the door at 8:00 to walk down to the intersection of Veteran’s Way and Goldstream. That’s where I would ride by. Ian helped out, ringing a cowbell to direct riders onto the path.

Ian helping direct traffic

I rode with Keith from New Westminster, who I met at the 2016 ride. We rode the Gran Fondo Badlands together and I was looking forward to riding with him today. He helps to moderate my tendencies to race and catch riders. Last year, I was out of gas by the time I hit Dallas Road. We stopped and said hello to Dad and Ian.

Me, Keith and Ian

After meeting up with me, Ian and Dad went to the car show in Langford.

Ian with a blown fire truck

The day was beautiful, with hardly any wind, and about 19 degrees. I finished the ride in 5:46, with 5:16 of moving time (i.e. minus the stops at the aid stations). Tammy and Miranda finished their ride about 15 minutes ahead of me.

The conquering heroes

We had the lunch and then made our way back to Dad’s. Of all of us, Miranda is in the best shape now. She’s used to riding the distance and cruised along with Tammy.

I was really happy with my results. Especially the king of the mountain climb (112th) and the time trial from Uplands to the finish. I’m super proud of Tammy and Miranda for riding.

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