Second Part of the Pender Visit

I realize that nothing can really top Ian driving the ferry to Pender, but I will do my best to keep your interest, dear reader.  😜

We stayed at an AirB&B not too far from Colin and Carol’s, on the edge of Magic Lake.

The inside of the B&B

The view of the lake

On the first morning, Tammy and I rode our bikes to the farthest tip of North Pender, at the end of Pirates Road before doing a loop through some of the… more challenging… hills along Schooner and Galleon Ways.

Tammy zipping along

Our 17 km route on Wednesday morning

For some reason, she didn’t want to go for a ride on the Thursday. Something about hating me for taking her up 20% grades. We stopped by the Driftwood Centre before heading over to the plantation for lunch. We picked up some flying discs at Pender Pharmacy because after lunch, we went to the Golf Island Disc Park to try playing disc golf.

Group photo after 18 holes

Dinner in the evening was a chicken and ribs BBQ. It was a well-deserved relaxing evening sitting out on the deck. Baba started up a mini tournament of Dominoes with the kids. Ian was the first to win two games.

The heat of the action

This morning (Thursday), I headed out bright and early for a longer ride. I rode onto South Pender Island and rode until I ran out of island to ride on.

My ride to Gowlland Point

The morning was wonderful and calm, with hardly any traffic. More joggers and other riders than cars.

The view from the bridge between north and south

My Roubaix ran out of road

Tammy and I checked out of the B&B and met up with everybody. We went for a hike up Lively Peak before a fajita lunch.

Clowns to the left of me…

After lunch there was a split opinion on what to do. Miranda and I wanted to do some beachcombing, while Baba, Ian and Tammy wanted to give disc golf another try. So Miranda and I headed to Mortimer Spit.

We caught the ferry back to Vancouver Island and now we’re back. We’re visiting with Stephanie and Tristan.

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