Flooring in Miranda’s Room

Yesterday was a bit of a relaxation day for me, but today it’s right back on the horse. I want to get the bulk of the work in Miranda’s room done before the end of the month. That way I can relax a bit and work on other projects like editing my 2016 Nanowrimo novel so I’m ready for November.

Miranda and I did some reconnaissance and information gathering yesterday, so that we would be ready for today. We hit Rona for nine cases of laminate flooring, then Home Depot to rent a laminate cutter. It’s like a big paper cutter with a guillotine blade and it was awesome. No electricity, no noise, no dust. It was a huge timesaver. Using that and my rechargeable Ryobi jigsaw, Miranda and I got the room done in about six or seven hours.

Starting out. One tricky cut accomplished already!

Miranda helping. She learned a lot today

The laminate cutter. Getting the cuts done around the vent

All done

The hardest part was at the door. The 45 degree angle meant that there was a cut at both ends of each row, and there wasn’t a simple way to mark the cutting line. Also, while the laminate cutter was good at straight cuts, doing 45’s was not its forte, nor were complicated ones like the door jambs.

After dinner, Tammy was off to work at Columbia College and the kids and I returned the cutter to Home Depot. We then proceeded to buy all of the trim we needed for her room and the paint for it. But that will wait for tomorrow…

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