New Trainer, Fall Riding and Weatherstripping

Fall is truly taking hold in Calgary. Gone are the 30 degree days, replaced with 7 degree days. Soon, snow will take over. In anticipation of the long winter and slippery roads, I have purchased a new cycle trainer. In 2013, I bought a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine, which is still going strong. However, in the time since, I have taken up Zwift, which along with other similar apps has really driven the market towards computer-controlled trainers. These are trainers which vary the resistance and measure wattage directly for apps like Zwift.

Using my Bow Cycle Ambassador discount, I brought home a Wahoo Kickr Snap.

Wahoo Kickr Snap glamour shot

It is very similar in design to the Kurt Kinetic, and now proudly holds the spot next to it in the bonus room. It is quite different to ride, and I am looking forward to many, many hours on it.

New and Old

We will see if this breaks the logjam that has started to happen as all four people in the family have started using the trainer. I think the only question is whether or not the kids will start griping about the “dumb trainer”. Simon’s prediction: within three years, there will be a third trainer here, another “smart trainer”.

And yet, while the weather has turned, it hasn’t made it impossible to ride. It has cut down the people who showed up today for the Sunday Bow Cyclist Club ride to a “core group”, but it was a nice, if windy day.

On top of Nose Hill

The blowing wind was a reminder that I needed to fix the weatherstripping in the master bedroom and the sweep on the front door while the weather was still tolerable. Tammy and I did that this afternoon, and I think the front door will be a big improvement this winter.