A Shot in the Arm

It was flu shot day for us. The clinics opened up on Monday, but we waited until today for a couple of reasons. 1) The initial crush would have died down and 2) the kids are off Friday afternoons in case there was a side-effect we would not have to worry about keeling over in class or at work. Simon (obviously) worked from home and I don’t work Fridays.
I had picked up the forms on Monday so we could cut the wait by having all the paperwork completed. We all walked down to Rexall Pharmacy in Tuscany Centre after lunch. There was only 1 other ahead of us. We all tested our blood pressure while we waited. (Whee!) Then we went in one-by-one (except Ian, Simon joined him) and got the jab. Actually it was a lot less painful than the pharmacist at Walmart. We hung around for a few minutes afterwards then walked back home.
Hopefully this will reduce the number of flu incidents in our family this year.

2 thoughts on “A Shot in the Arm

  1. Tammy was headachy this morning. I had a less severe one. Other than slightly sore arms, that’s all the side effects so far.

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