Happy Little Trees….

I seem to be channelling Bob Ross lately. I have started going to Paintnite and am enjoying it thoroughly. A company takes over a part of a pub somewhere in Victoria (actually happens all over the island as well) and we buy a ticket and show up (buy a glass of wine at the bar) and they supply the canvas, paint and brushes. Step by step they show us how to do the paintings and voila!

Not too shabby I think.

4 thoughts on “Happy Little Trees….

  1. I think that you are doing a beautiful job of painting. I especially like the tree with shadowy mountains in the back ground.Dad

  2. They’re fantastic! I love the bird in the tree, but where’s the cabin? 🤣 Miranda would be all over the last one; it would go with her Japanese-inspired room.

  3. Yes, let’s get a full-size one of that so she can project it on her wall!

    Great job, Stephanie. 🎨

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