There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

Or in this case, there was a family who unpacked their china. Unpacking the china led to the china cabinet. Then that led to Ian asking if we could put the ping pong table up. Then that led to Simon trying to move some of the clutter out of the way in the craft room.

And that led to spending most of the day reorganizing the storage room. You would think that I would grumble about that, but I can’t. The results are awesome:

And the treasure I found… We went through some boxes that hadn’t been opened since the move and here’s a few things that were discovered today:

  • The puzzle mat and tube to roll it up with,
  • My old ADB mouse for my ancient Power Macintosh,
  • Ted’s two long-lost brothers (stuffed bears),
  • Some sweaters I’d thought I didn’t have any more,
  • My thermal underwear and warm socks,
  • A long-lost part for one of my guitar stands.

You get the idea. I also tried on my motorcycle racing leathers. They still fit. 🙂

And in the end, I set up the ping pong table, too. 🏓

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