Zwift Onboarding Night

This evening, I went down to Bow Cycle to give a presentation. Last year, we ran a couple of Zwift group rides at the shop and we want to do the same this winter. But tonight was the orientation night, where people could ask questions and I demoed how to get going with Zwift.

It was a good crowd (about 12). Mark had the projector set up and I brought my bike and my iPad and spoke for about an hour. Well, sometimes I had trouble speaking, when I showed how it was tough to go up hills. 🙂

It was well-received. I think we will have our first Zwift night next week. I don’t know if anyone took any pictures tonight.

Updated – Tara took some pics and posted them to Facebook!

Me, Kim, Alice, Hannah… Mark’s arm 🙂

Kim, Allison, Allan, Kim, Paul, Adam, me, Hannah