Kurt’s Rollers

On Wednesday night, the Bow Cyclist Club had our first Zwift ride at the shop for winter 2017. It was a good time, with five riders in the shop and Brett joining us online. We’ll do it again next Wednesday, too. But I also picked up a set of cycling rollers to borrow.

It started with Kurt posting a workout on Strava. He has a daughter who swims competitively, and he had taken his rollers to the swimming pool to work out while his daughter was in the pool at 5:30 am.

Kurt’s Rollers

I thought it was a neat picture and a great idea to get a workout like that. Rollers are good for taking with you, because they are lightweight and don’t require power. I commented on the post, and Kurt replied.

Simon: Are those the Tacx Galaxia rollers?
Kurt: Yup
Kurt: Wanna try em?
Simon: Iā€™d be interested, yes. I have used a set of Kreitler rollers before, but I would like to see the difference.
Kurt: Let me know bro. Offer stands

That then led to emails, and I picked the rollers up Wednesday. Last night, I gave them a shot. I had borrowed a set from Brian a couple of years ago. They were designed differently and a real challenge. These have conical section rollers and the ability to rock forward and backward.

I was successful… with only one crash. No injury.

I had fun and I’ll give them a good trial this week. I’ll give them back at the next Zwift ride on Wednesday next week.

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