Happy 19th Birthday Squeak

Today is Squeak’s 19th birthday. Tammy made “moon pies” for her birthday cake, which are chocolate cake with marshmallow filling. They are dark with white, just like Squeaker.

Hard to believe that she’s that old. But then, it has been a very long time since the night that we found her in the hall of our apartment on 15th Avenue.

The arrival of Squeak. Nochie investigating. Simon failing as underwear model.

Also, we have had the “return of the Roomba”. A long time ago, we had a very successful experiment with the iRobot autonomous vacuums. Unfortunately, their battery packs wore out and we couldn’t find any in the local stores. I wanted to get rid of them if they weren’t going to be used, but Tammy insisted on keeping them. Just recently, I went shopping on Amazon recently and found new, higher-capacity battery packs at a reasonable cost so ordered them. Our house now has the sound of vacuum robots again. Ian isn’t nearly so afraid of them as he was back then.

Roomba cleaning the kitchen floor



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