Christmas Tree Up, Ikea for Miranda, Fat Biking

It’s been an action-packed weekend. I’m not sure that’s a good idea, given I have a lot on my plate at work this week, but it happened.

I guess things kicked off Friday night with the Bow Cyclist Christmas party, which Tara hosted at her house. The turnout was good. It was potluck, and Tammy made meatballs and rice and candy cane fudge. I had a good time. Tara and Ryan’s house is very nice. They just moved back from Houston, and renovated 95% of it.

Saturday was piano lessons, and Tammy made french toast brunch, but then it was time to put up the Christmas tree. It didn’t take too long. Many hands make light work.

Miranda putting on the garland

The sour note on the day was that Squeak was acting strangely. Tammy was worried that there was something hurting her in her mouth, so she and Ian took the cat to the vet in Royal Oak, while Miranda and I drove to Ikea.

Since we finished her room in August, she has been moving the furniture around, trying to find how she likes it. She had been pestering me for shelves, but I wasn’t going to build/install any until she finished moving the room around. We’d finally decided on what to do, with a new desk and some shelves.

The vet gave us some medicine for Squeak, but she was still not doing well today, so Tammy took her back to the same vet (and transferred over to it: she really likes this one). The blood test results will be back soon.

At the party on Friday night, I wished Kurt a happy birthday, since I wasn’t going to see him today (Sunday). There was a fat bike ride scheduled, but I hadn’t signed up. There were demo bikes, but they were spoken for already. When he heard that, he immediately set about texting Bob at the shop to see if there were available rental bikes. There were, so I was supposed to show up at 8:30 this morning at the shop, which I did.

We went for a 15 km ride in West Bragg Creek, but man, talk about a misleading statistic. That was 15 km that felt like 100.

On the trail

Even though all the bikes had studded tires, the ice was treacherous. Tommy and Kim were the only two who actually wiped out, but it always seemed like disaster was around the corner. I escaped unscathed, but I am very tired now. 🙂

We’ll post updates on Squeak.

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