Duolingo Streak

‘Twas the day before Christmas and we’re not going skiing. Figures. Every year we plan to go skiing on Christmas Eve, and every year something gets in the way. This year it’s the temperature. It’s -16 and getting colder. With windchill it’s -27. And I bet the snow conditions at Nakiska are awesome.

So, I guess the good news has to come from elsewhere. How about language learning? Today I practiced in Duolingo (French and Russian) for the 100th straight day.

I have finished the entire French course, and am reading my French copy of The Lord of the Rings much more easily these days.

No skiing today means board games!


Here are the games that the kids selected…

Catan, Headbanz, Roborally, Mindtrap and Twister

We started with a short game of Roborally, which Tammy won. Ian and I had lots of difficulty, because our robots kept bumping each other and falling into pits.

At lunchtime, we played Headbanz, and that was interesting. I felt pretty dumb during this one. Lots of challenging thing to guess. Tammy won that one too, come to think of it!

Ian trying to guess “English Channel”

Later on, it got more physical with Twister!

Tammy and Miranda hassling it out

In between, the kids and I were ducking down into the basement to play ping pong. For a while, we were playing fast games to three points, where the loser sat down and the spare player took their place. It was fast action and really showed how far the kids have come with their playing since I brought the table out this time. I have trouble beating Miranda, and Ian won a few games.

I have been thinking about Mom the last few days, and I thought I’d take a picture of the inscription that she put on the bottom of the ping pong table back in 1973.

A Christmas present from 1973

It’s getting lots of use these days.

And the day was finished off with our traditional “appy supper” (to go with our “appy lunch”?) with Garfield Christmas and then A Christmas Carol afterwards.

Appy selfie!

Then we read The Night Before Christmas and the kids were off to bed. Tammy and I stayed up to watch The Ref (the grownup tradition around here).

2 thoughts on “Duolingo Streak

    • It’s definitely coming along. Some passages are a bit more obtuse than others, where the original text is using more creative language. But action and dialogue are surprisingly easy. I have a chuckle from time to time when a new character is introduced, and they have “Frenchified” the name.
      Frodon Saquet = Frodo Baggins
      Cul-de-sac = Bag End
      Monsieur Poiredebeurré = Butterbur (the innkeeper in Bree)
      Grands-Pas = Strider

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