Christmas Day 2017

It’s been a really good Christmas Day. It’s been quiet, with the four of us (and Squeak). Stockings, breakfast and presents in the morning.

Miranda and Ian, ready to go!

The bears were taking part, guarding the loot on the couch.

The presents always seem to get unwrapped at light speed, but this year, I was handing the parcels out, so I tried to keep it sane. This year, the key was new “Series 3” Apple Watches for Tammy and I, and that means there were some well taken care of “Series 0” watches ready for new owners, if you know what I mean. 😉 Ian also got a “new to him” iPhone 5S (without a cellular connection: we’ll see if he creates good habits with it as an iPod Touch first). He was over the moon with it.

Colin and Carol were the first call of the day via Skype from Mexico. Then it was Dad via FaceTime from Langford, and then Stephanie and family. It was great to see everyone today. Dad is over at Stephanie’s for Christmas dinner tonight.

Our Christmas dinner was a late lunch. We aimed for around 3:00 or so, but the bird cooked quickly (and was amazingly juicy and tender) so we were eating around 2:00.

The Christmas dinner spread

Dessert was Christmas cake with rum sauce, after everything had been tidied up. There was a bit of a lull, but then Tammy and I dutifully put on our cycling gear and went for a virtual bike ride. Near the end of the ride (about an hour), I asked her if she every imagined she’d be doing something like this on Christmas day. The answer was an emphatic “never”.

So now, it’s a quiet time. A Merry Christmas to everyone out there, from all of us.

Family picture

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