Not really, but… it’s not been a week for going out a lot. We’ve been playing lots of board games and Minecraft on the XBox and doing other stuff to pass the time. Ping pong was great until I wiped out the day before yesterday in sock feet on the laminate floor. My knee is bruised but not seriously damaged. The damage to the wall is minor.

And this morning we woke up to another six inches of snow. At -27! Normally, I’d expect snow closer to zero.

More snow!

The weather is supposed to warm up by the 2nd. Tammy will be back to work then, but expect to see us skiing a lot that week, with this kind of snow!

Tonight is Miranda’s “birthday party”/sleepover with Sierra. Gotta go shovel the driveway.


Today we played Seafarers of Catan! It’s been years since I made all the hexes for it, but this is the first time we’ve played it as a family.

Miranda was the winner at Settlers of Catan last night and at Seafarers today. She’s on a roll.

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